Twilight Series 'Best word to describe...' contest - Temporarily Closed

nessie-eska posted on Feb 27, 2012 at 09:18PM
I've seen this contest on Supernatural spot. It's made by spn4eva.

- I'll tell something connected with Twilight (character, couple, scene...)
- You'll wrote 3 words that describe that thing the best.
- Please don't copy someone elses word. Be creative!
- After few days or enoght number of answers I'll open new round
- Winner will be chosen by fanpop pick

Winner will get 15 props.
Everyone else will get 2 props for participating.
*Changed in R11

Hope you will have fun!

ROUND 1: Bella Swan CLOSED
WINNER: Smart, Caring, Clumsy - mr-cullen

ROUND 2: Bella and Charlie's relationship CLOSED
WINNER: Simple, Caring, Amusing - crazygal27

ROUND 3: Family Cullen CLOSED
WINNER: Loving, Protective, Loyal - hettycool

ROUND 4: The Volturi CLOSED
WINNER: Royal, Immortal, Gifted - mr-cullen

ROUND 5: Newborns CLOSED
WINNER: Unstable, Strong, Bloodthirsty - crazygal27

ROUND 6: Edward Cullen CLOSED
WINNER: Handsome, Protective, Loving - ded99

ROUND 7: Jacob Black CLOSED
WINNER: Stubborn, Spontaneous, Jovial - marthatsal

ROUND 8: Bella and Edward's relationship CLOSED
WINNER: Loving, Everlasting, Forever - hettycool

ROUND 9: Renesmee Cullen CLOSED
WINNER: Gifted, Irresistible, Charming - marthatsal

ROUND 10: Changing CLOSED
WINNER: Excruciating, Venomous, Reconstructing - Vamp_Fan_25

ROUND 11: Imprinting CLOSED
WINNER: Gravity, Soulmate, Eternal - CullenSisters-X

ROUND 12: Birth scene in BD CLOSED
WINNER: Love, Death, Birth - Vamp_Fan_25

ROUND 13: Rosalie's human life CLOSED
WINNER: Privileged, Perfect, Tragic - cassie-1-2-3

ROUND 14: Wolf pack CLOSED
WINNER: Spiritual, Shapeshifters, Loyal - Vamp_Fan_25

ROUND 15: Alice Cullen CLOSED
WINNER: Excitable, Friendly, Reliable - Smilebaby05

ROUND 16: Victoria CLOSED
WINNER: Bad, Manipulative, Cold - Smilebaby05

ROUND 17: The wedding CLOSED
WINNER: Extravigant, Unique, Beautiful - Vamp_Fan_25

ROUND 18: Emmett Cullen CLOSED
WINNER: Spontaneus, Thoughtless, Competitive - marthatsal

ROUND 19: Denali coven CLOSED
WINNER: Elegant, Loyal, Beautiful - Vamp_Fan_25

ROUND 20: Bree Tanner CLOSED
WINNER: Young, Afraid, Newborn - queen-seli

ROUND 21: Leah Clearwater CLOSED
WINNER: Misunderstood, Lonely, Protective - CullenSisters-X

ROUND 22: Jane Volturi CLOSED
WINNER: Powerful, Menacing, Cold - CullenSisters-X

ROUND 23: Aro Volturi CLOSED
WINNER: Evil, Selfish, Strong-willed - queen-seli

ROUND 24: Rosalie Hale CLOSED
WINNER: Gorgeous, Protective, Complicated - CullenSisters-X

ROUND 25: Silver round** CLOSED
WINNER: Vampires: Cold, Powerful, Young - Smilebaby05

ROUND 26: Vampire Bella CLOSED
WINNER:Controlled, Destined, Stunning - CullenSisters-X

ROUND 27: Seth Clearwater CLOSED
WINNER: Youngest, Bestest, Brightest - orkneymatrix

ROUND 28: Jasper Hale CLOSED
WINNER: Reserved, Observant, Careful - Vamp_Fan_25

ROUND 29: Carlisle Cullen CLOSED
WINNER: Controlled, Parental, Compassionate - orkneymatrix

ROUND 30: Esme Cullen CLOSED
WINNER: Compassionate, Sweet, Beautiful - Vamp_Fan_25

ROUND 31: Twilight book CLOSED
WINNER: Thrilling, Gripping, Enchanting[/ig - orkneymatrix


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over a year ago ebcullen4ever said…
Enchanting,ethereal and endearing
last edited over a year ago
Enchanting,ethereal and endearing
over a year ago Vamp_Fan_25 said…
Compassionate, Sweet, Beautiful
over a year ago ded99 said…
Loving, nice, awesome
over a year ago cullenmeg said…
over a year ago orkneymatrix said…
Passionate, Caring, Loving.
over a year ago CullenSisters-X said…
Maternal, Heartfelt, Pure
over a year ago queen-seli said…
Loving, Pretty, Family aware
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Round 31 is open.
over a year ago ded99 said…
interesting, awesome, gorgeous
over a year ago orkneymatrix said…
Thrilling, Gripping, Enchanting.
over a year ago queen-seli said…
exciting, romantic, unique
over a year ago ebcullen4ever said…
over a year ago CullenSisters-X said…
Addictive, Emotional, Perfect
over a year ago KissOrKill said…
Amazing, Romantic, Beautiful.
over a year ago Vamp_Fan_25 said…
Sweet, Clever, Stunning
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
So, I'm going to make the pick for round 31 and I think that's be the last round.
I really don't have time to this contest because of the school.
Maybe I reopen it on next shool break.
over a year ago xojencool said…
Mesmerizing, Tantalizing, Romantic....
over a year ago Renesmee_08 said…
Tempting, Irresistible, Sacrificing.