Twilight Series WWYDI (What would you do if) Game!

edwardcarlisle posted on Aug 26, 2009 at 08:20PM
Is an easy game and I've just came up with it (tell me if you like it or if it's borring please).

The only tging you've to do is just say a situation and the next person says what would she/he do if that happened to him/her :)

First person:
wwydi Kellan knocked your door...

Next person:
*yells and turns crazy* OMK, OMK! IDK!!!
(And posts another situation)

Well that's it ;)

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over a year ago edwardcarlisle said…
I'll go first:

wwydi Rob was in front of your door and knocked it
I'll go first:
<br />

<br />
wwydi Rob was in front of your door and knocked it
over a year ago SimplyLaurel said…
Open the door and let him inside while trying my best to contain the fan-girlish scream.

WWYDI Kristen was fired?
over a year ago lauracullen66 said…
Probably cry and sceam at the tv/computer/magazine, wherever i heard the news from

wwydi saw rob or taylor in the street, trying to go unnoticed?
over a year ago edwardcarlisle said…
I'll try to take it calm and chase him XD

wwydi New Moon turned to be canceled and to be released in 2011?
over a year ago star_bella said…
i will simply suicide or something

wwydi u got asked to play a character in newmoon movie
over a year ago edwardcarlisle said…
I would inmediately say YES!!!

wwydi Summit invented a movie for midnight Sun?
over a year ago lilred96 said…
i would be very happy lol

what would you do if breaking dawn had no nessie?
over a year ago SimplyLaurel said…
I would wonder what the rest of the plot would be about.

WWYDI the filmmakers changed the plot so that Bella got together with Jacob, and Edward stayed gone.
over a year ago lauracullen66 said…
i would write them a very long angry letter of complain and then start a petition to get them to make the proper version.

wwydi they replaced the WHOLE cast for eclipse/breaking dawn
over a year ago Jessie_Cullen said…
Scream for a while, but be plotting to find a way to make them reconsider. Hmmmm, how do you think they'd do at gunpoint.... =]

edwardcarlisle good game =]

WWYDI: your family and you moved to Forks and you saw a perfect-looking bronze-haired Greek God look-a-like, who drove a silver Volvo??
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over a year ago edwardcarlisle said…
Thanks Jessie_Cullen!

OME *melts* I would probably go by his side and try to be friends and know more each other, blush a lot, and try to concider him as Edward (first) and then look at him how he really is *sighs and melts*

wwydi your sister tells you that she met any of the cast (without you) and didn't bring neither a pic nor a sign?
over a year ago lauracullen66 said…
cry and never speak to her again

wwydi you brother/sister was cast as a part in twilight but you werent
over a year ago SimplyLaurel said…
Tie her up and go in her place. They'll neeeeeeever know. *evil laughter*

WWYDI your best friend told you he was a vampire/werewolf?
over a year ago edwardcarlisle said…
Make him change me inmediately even if I died in the process XD

wwydi you were driving your parents car and any of the cast (Rob, Taylor, Kris, Kellan, Jackson, Peter, etc) crashed you?
over a year ago Edward_Bella234 said…
Well, I wouldn't be too upset. I'd say "Instead of sueing you, I'd like to go to the New Moon premier".

WWYDI...You met the Cullens?
over a year ago LaceyLou0207 said…
I waould ask them to change me because i would love to be a vampire....

edwardcarlisle... I love this game... it is so much fun

WWYDI you found out your sister/brother was dating edward or kristin?
over a year ago lauracullen66 said…
never speak to her again, and then all the times rob would be round at my house, convince him its me he really wants hahaha
and if it was my bro dating kristen i would become her bff :P

wwydi the cast were coming to youe town to do a signing but you were grounded/had school
over a year ago myka_0123 said…
big smile
I will shout! and go escape..

wwydi your bestfriend have a picture of rob with a signature...
over a year ago lollipopszx3 said…
STEAL IT!!! c(=

wwydi Breaking Dawn wasn't released?
over a year ago Rockey775 said…
I would write a letter to Stephenie Mayer, begging her to release it!

wwydi you got a role in the twilight saga?
over a year ago SimplyLaurel said…
Take it, of course!

WWYDI your favorite cast member died in a plane crash?
over a year ago Edward_Bella234 said…
Get all depressed but eventually get over maybe a year or two later.

WWYDI Kristen and Rob got lost in your neighbourhood and asked if they could spend the night at your house?
over a year ago Jessie_Cullen said…
Tell them to hold on a sec, close the door and scream, then open it and tell them yes without even asking my mum, and offer them the best beds in the house, whilst making everyone else in my house sleep on the floor =]. Do you think they'd come back because of good service?? *sigh*

WWYDI: SM suddenly decided that she didn't want the rest of the books to be made into movies??
over a year ago edwardcarlisle said…
OMFG I would scream and make all the world tremble! Hehe, lol, only scream >XO

wwydi any of the cast called your home for mistake and you were the one that answers it?
over a year ago lollipopszx3 said…
Say yes this is... whoever. How are you? But on the inside I'm screaming like crazy. Then caller id and talk to them again after =P

wwydi Stephenie Meyers decides to stop writing?