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KaterinoulaLove posted on May 20, 2010 at 11:48AM
House_Anatomy found this game on a Charmed Site and after having the permission of the game's owner on that site, decided to put it on charmed spot !
It's so awesome game and I found it a great idea to post it here! It's so much fan!

I think the title couldn't be more descriptive. It is a GAME... yet another one, where someone asks something about the lovely series-movies (*-*) and the next person has to answer the question with a wrong answer.

This is much more fun than having to answer correctly becuase IMAGINATION can be uselful.! S put your imagination on and let's have fuuuuun!

I will start to help you even more :

Question :Where Isabella Swan used to live.?
Answer : Timbuktu

First to read this, make up the next question :P

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over a year ago alicecullenrox1 said…
So she can run off and marry Demitri

Why are the Cullens eyes gold?
over a year ago Silverain said…
Because they got a deadly illness and were held in quarantine for months where they had special tests and experiments done on them. They were cured but the medicines that were used changed their eye color.

Where did Laurent say he'll go after he left the Cullen's house?
over a year ago green6244 said…
To Mc Donald's. He wanted to get a Big Mac to give to Victoria's ghost.

Why does Bella have great control over her thirst?
over a year ago alicecullenrox1 said…
She doesn't, she just pretends she does and wears gold contacts once her newborn year is over. She hunts humans for fun and hunts animals with the Cullens to hide it.

When was Jasper changed and why?
over a year ago cateyxtwilight said…
Jasper was changed on the same day as Rosalie because Carlisle wanted them to be twins! Jasper wasn't hurt at all!

Who is Esme's husband? :)
over a year ago alkonyat said…
E.T. They met when he was in the Earth. He calls her every Sunday. H e doesn't know that Esme lives with someone else.

Why are the vampires sparkling in sunshine?
over a year ago KaterinoulaLove said…
Because if they Do they`ll melt xP They Are wayy Too Hot =D


How Did Bella And Edward Met ? =]
over a year ago cateyxtwilight said…
big smile
They met when they were in jail and fell in love!

What's Charlie's job?
over a year ago lollipopszx3 said…
He is a zoo keeper. If he isn't careful, the animals will eat him.

What does 'Twilight' mean?
over a year ago green6244 said…
It's short for love story about vamps and werewolves.

Why does Jacob imprint with Renesmee?
over a year ago TwilightMillie said…
He didn't really, he was still in love with Bella, and since he knew there was no way he would get her now (She's a vampire and happily married with a daughter) she was his consolation prize. MEANIE!

How was Bella changed into a vampire?
over a year ago lollipopszx3 said…
A werewolf bit her.

What is Alice's power?
over a year ago melikhan said…
fire...shecan make great cakes!!!
do Vampires wash their selves?
over a year ago TwilightMillie said…
Of course! They get reaallyyy sweaty in the sunlight, thats what causes the sparkles!

Who is Renesmee's mom? x
over a year ago lollipopszx3 said…

Who is the author of Twilight?
over a year ago TwilightMillie said…
Catherine Hardwicke, she finds it "Radical" :') (Quote from Twilight DVD audio commentary quote by Rob Pattinson imitating her :L)

Why does Bella want to be changed? x
over a year ago brewcris said…
she doesn't they force her to.

what are the last words in new moon?
over a year ago melikhan said…
Hey Jacob,what's up!

what do vampires do 4 living?
over a year ago KaterinoulaLove said…
They sell ice creams in the beach those hot days of July :D

..How is Bella`s wedding dress?
over a year ago louanniq said…
carlisle made a knit dress for her, with big letters that say: shanaynay bonquiqui!

Who is Edward in love with?

over a year ago TDITrentgirl6 said…

Who is Seth
over a year ago mandynight said…
The old man who Charlie married after Renee left him. They were the first gay couple to get married in Forks. Charlie pretended to love him, but was only after his money... he used the money for Bella's college fund.

How is the relationship between the wolf pack and the Cullens?
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over a year ago twilightrox43 said…
What relationship? They're all in love with bloodsuckers, they completely ignore each other!

What is Alice's real name?
over a year ago KaterinoulaLove said…
Eh you don`t know?..Monica Bellucci ;)

..What is Emmet`s real name ?
over a year ago TDITrentgirl6 said…
Angel ;)

What instrument does Edward play