Twilight Series Twilight picture contest [Closed]

TheDream posted on Jun 23, 2010 at 09:16AM
Hi, everyone! Hope you'll join this!
I'll give task for each round and you'll post pictures here. Then in 3 days I'll make a pick to choose the winners.
First place - 3 props
Second place - 2 props
Third place - 1 prop

Gallery of winners:link

Round 1: Edward and Bella [WINNER:CullenSisters-X]
Round 2:Jacob [WINNER:TeamEdward484]
Round 3:Alice&Jasper or Emmett&Rosalie [WINNER:mdigs73]
Round 4:Volturi [WINNER:KatiiCullen94]
Round 5:Parents [WINNER:shannon9396]
Round 6:Bella's school friends [WINNER:mdigs73]
Round 7:James,Victoria,Laurent [WINNER:SunAngel]
Round 8:Kiss [WINNER:TheDream]
Round 9:Edward from Twilight [WINNER:vera_love]
Round 10:Cars [WINNER:CullenSisters-X]
Round 11:Wolfpack [WINNER:aliceCullen13-]
Round 12:Vanity fair photo shoot [WINNER:myka_0123]
Round 13:Eclipse premiere [WINNER:vera_love]
Round 14:Newborns [WINNER:vera_love]
Round 15:Twilight movie [WINNER:Andressa_Weld]
Round 16:Renesmee [WINNER:twilighter4evr]
Round 17:New moon movie [WINNER:shannon9396]
Round 18:Eclipse movie [WINNER:CullenSisters-X]
Round 19:Fights [WINNER:teamedward4evr]
Round 20:Jacob and Bella [WINNER:shannon9396]
Round 21:Promo photos [WINNER:willow96]
Round 22:Bella [WINNER:myka_0123]
Round 23:Twilight fan art (1) [WINNER:SunAngel]
Round 24:Twilight fan art (2) [WINNER:CullenSisters-X]
Round 25:Twilight cast in other movies [WINNER:teamedward4evr]
Round 26:Male actors photoshoots [WINNER:vera_love]
Round 27:Actresses photoshoots [WINNER:teamedward4evr]
Round 28:Faceless picture [WINNER:xoxinkheartxox]
Round 29:Your favorite character [WINNER:myka_0123]
Round 30:Your least favorite character [WINNER:Hellohoudini]
Round 31:Italy scenes [WINNER:elina1996]
Round 32:The meadow scenes [WINNER:shannon9396]
Round 33:Bella's birthday [WINNER:pinkpanda202]
Round 34:Baseball [Winners:TheDream,SunAngel]
Round 35:Edward [WINNER:shannon9396]

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