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TwilightMillie posted on Jul 27, 2010 at 09:23PM
This is a game I found on the Glee Spot :D

^ = Answers the person before you
> = Anything about yourself (it can be something about you, what you're doing, ect)
V = A Question for the person below you.

I'll start it off :D

>Is really excited about Breaking Dawn!

v Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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over a year ago teamedward4evr said…
^i'm not sure if they are nomads but probably the Denali's or the woman that teaches Bella how to use her power sorry haven't read the book in :)

>just having a very boring night

v Do you think Rachelle should have played her reaccuring role as Victoria in Eclipse?
over a year ago alkonyat said…
^It was weird without her, yes.

>having breakfast

V favorite song from Eclipse?
over a year ago Drina said…
^ They Where all so good :)

> Listening to Channel V lol

v Do You think Taylor Lautner is a hotty and played the roll of Jacob well?
over a year ago Michelle-Bieber said…
^ I don't think he is a hottie but he played the role of jacob well

> bored :/

v If Midnight sun was released would you buy it???

over a year ago Aleksandra94 said…
>Ofcours!The Edwards perspectiv is much intersting then Bellas


VHow is the best Cullen couple,and thet cople con't be Edward & Bella?
over a year ago MisHouse said…
big smile
>Alice and Jasper of course :)


VHow do you imagine Bella's wedding?
over a year ago ladywyze said…
^ sort of corney and weird/but pretty...

> I have a schedule of overflowing contests...

v Would you love if Midnight sun's gonna be made as motion picture?
over a year ago green6244 said…
^heck yeah!
>waiting to chat with someone
v who should seth have imprinted on?
over a year ago alkonyat said…
^ Someone who we don't know from La Push.

> read Twilight

v Do you think Bella will talk to her mom again?
over a year ago Drina said…
^ i hope so :)

> watching t.v

v are you happy Jacob imprinted on Renesmee?
over a year ago TwilightMillie said…
^ Yeah in a way, because I'm glad he's still in Bella's life, but I still hate him ;)

> Watching Young, Dumb and living off mum, its actually hilarious

v Would you like "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" to be a movie? And would you watch it?
over a year ago lollipopszx3 said…
^ No I wouldn't to both because the book is pointless.

> Has 4 mosquito bites

V Are you watching Breaking Dawn, the midnight showing?
over a year ago teamedward4evr said…
^yes i'm gonna go to the midnight showing & possible if they put any of the previous movies before it i will go to them as well :)

>just being bored

v Do you think it was wrong for Edward to push for marriage before he changes Bella?
over a year ago Drina said…
big smile
^ well i guess it's fair.... if she wants something as important and "life changing" (hahaha) as that then its only fair edward got something in return, and i thought it was sweet anyway :) i mean if shes going to be a vampire for the rest of her life, why not make it official?

> im listening to musoc and playing games XD

v if you were bella would you have gone after edward to the volturi even though jacob was there for you and begged you not to go?
over a year ago TwilightMillie said…
^ Of course! I hate Jacob, but I reckon he's fit :')

> Watching Glee and attempting to write my blog :L

v Do you think that Bella will be able to move away from Charlie when their not aging becomes conspicuous?? x
over a year ago Eirinaki_b_13 said…
( sorry cant find the arrows on my computer it is weird)

I think that she will stay at Forks as much as possible but when the time comes she will HAVE TO leave, so i think she will visit him (secretly) as much as possible and he will visit her very often too!

> I am reading Breaking Dawn now

Do you agree with Bellas desicion to become a vampire (Before Renesmee) and give away all her friends and family to be with Edward? (cause i dont)
over a year ago Aleksandra94 said…
^Yes,because she love Edward,and she think that her life don't have a point if she don't have Edward,and I would do the same thing in her place!


VDo you think that Rosalie overdo with her behavior in Twilight?
over a year ago MisHouse said…
^No,realy,sometimes i realy love Rosalie,but sometimes no........she have Emmett and I love her for that as well :)

>nice weather is gone :(

V before you findout that Alice is coming back,did you were mad at her?

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over a year ago DeeaAndreea said…
^No,I wasn't.

>watching sonny with a chance

V Alice or Rosalie?
over a year ago fatoshleo said…
alice def!

> tweeting

V Rob or RPattz? ;D
over a year ago Aleksandra94 said…


VIf you cold change anything in Breaking down what would that be?
over a year ago TwilightMillie said…
big smile
^ Instead of Jacob's POV, I'd have Rosalie's to know exactly what she wanted, whether it was Bella to die so she could have the baby to herself, or she wanted to have bella alive :/

> Watching Ultimate Big Brother :)

v Are you going to watch Eclipse rereleased on Monday 13th? (Bella's birthday) <3 I AM! :D
over a year ago lauracullen66 said…
^ its still out atm where i am anyway so it wont be rereleased, as it hasnt "left" the cinema yet. though yeah i prob will.

> also watching ultimate big brother :) preston <3

V excited about the dvd info?­dvd­-re­lea­se-­dat­e/
over a year ago Aleksandra94 said…
^No,because i didn't herd for dvd info,but I'm gone finde out abut that!

>Thinking about school :(

V Amazon or Daniel clan
over a year ago MisHouse said…
^Amazon,they are so cool,and nice,a little scare but nice


V You would like to have Alice for best friend?!(why yes,why no)