Twilight Series
A High School Story(episode One)

Okay click watch on youtube to read the description story-its really good.lyrics in comment
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Syd7117 | September 12, 2009
Hey guys. I'm sorry,but I am canceling my Robsten series and my Twilight seri...
Syd7117 | September 12, 2009
Hey guys. I'm sorry,but I am canceling my Robsten series and my Twilight series, BUT I will start this story and keep going with You're Life, Not Mine. In this series, there are NO mystical creatures. The kids are all in high school. Bella Swan is a senior, as well as her brother Emmett and her sister Alice. They have been going to Forks High since they were freshman. It's the 1st day of school.
Bella- C'mon Alice, we are going to be late!
Alice- *comes bouncing down the stairs* Sorry, and YAY! we are officially seniors!!
Emmett- *pretends to be happy* Yea! *rolls his eyes and picks up his bookbag* which car are we taking?
Bella- MINE! *grabs her keys* I wanna drive!
Emmett- *rolls his eyes* we will be out in the car Alice *walks oustide with bella, he gets in the passenger seat and turns the radio on* hmm what station Bells?
Bella- I dont care, just NOT rap
Emmett- fine *he turns the radio to a station and they hear "replay" by Iyaz* woo! I love this song! *starts singing*
Bella- *rolls her eyes and puts her seatbelt on*
Alice- *comes bouncing down the steps and into the back* eww Emmett, SWITCH IT!
Emmett- NO WAY! *continues singing*
Alice- *grunts and pulls her ipod out*
Bella- *drives and pulls up in the parking lot at school* I'm so happy that we all have parking passes
Emmett- me too! I hated riding that bus! *turns the radio on louder* WOO!!
na na na na everyday *continues singing*
Bella- *turns the car off, along with the Radio and gets out of the car with Emmett and ALice* lets go get our scedules *locks the car and they walk inside*
Alice- I have lunch 6 period
Bella- me too
Emmett- so do i
Alice- when do you guys have English
Emmett and Bella- 2
Alice- calculus?
Emmett and bella- 3
ALice- ugh! i only have pe with you guys!
Emmett- greatm pe with clumsy Bells
Bella- *smacks his head*
Mike- *walks up to Bella* hey Bella
bella- *turns around* oh hey Mike
Mike- when do you have lunch?
bella- 6, you?
Mike- me too, see you then *smiles and walks off*
bella- UGh i hate him! Why can't he just see that I am NOT interested?! *whines* dont want to go to History 1st period!!
Emmett- *laughs* looks like I have history too, c'mon Bella, cya ALice *walks off to History with Bella*
Bella- finally! I'm starving! *pulls out her lunch and starts eating*
Emmett- *laughs*
Alice- UGH! there are NO hot guys
Bella- we figured that out freshman year alice
Alice- I know, but ...
Emmett- nobody's gonna move here Alice, nobody would ever want to move to Forks, rainy, cold Forks
ALice- *sighs* I guess you're right. *starts eating*
Bella- Well I am finished *looks at the door and sees 3 new people walk in*
oh my god, ALice, look! *points*
Alice- now thats what I am talking about! *smiles* The blond one is cute!
Rosalie- umm excuse me, can we sit here?
Emmett- of course! *moves his bag so Rosalie can sit down*
Jasper- so what are your names?
Alice- My name is Alice, this is Emmett and *points to bella* and thats clumsy
Bella- thanks alice *stands up and gets a drink*
Jasper- well my name is Jasper, and this is my twin Rosalie, and this is Edward.
Edward-*starring at bella* hello
Jessica and Mike- *walk over to say hello to the new people* hey!
Emmett- what do you guys want?!
Mike- Well i wanted to say hi to Bella *lets his hand slide down her cheek*
Bella- get off me! *smacks his hand away*
Emmett- *stands up* dont touch her jerk!
Jessica- we're sorry, we will leave
ALice- good!
Jessica and Mike- *walks back over to their table*
Jasper- whats with them?
Emmett- umm, nothing
Alice- *rolls her eyes* Mike hurt bella, and so we have never been friends with them. Mike thinks bella likes him, but she doesnt. obviously. and Jessica is his little "possy".
Jasper- *nods* wow
Edward- how did he hurt you? *still starring at Bella*
Bella- Umm t-tahts pr-priv-private
Edward- *looks down* sorry
Bella- its ok
Emmett- umm so where did you guys move from?
Rosalie- California, our dad got a job at the hospital here
Emmett- so you are the famous Cullens?
Rosalie- famous?
Emmett- news gets around fast in Forks
Jasper- its a small town
Emmett- very small, so have you guys learned your ways around?
Jasper- yea, we went around all day yesterday
Alice- would you like to come to our house after school?
Edward- sure!
Bella- *looks down and blushes*
Emmett- *notices Bella* you alright bells?
Bella- uhh, just a little queezy, but im fine
Emmett- alright Bells
Rosalie- when is school finished?
Emmett- now *stands up* you guys ready?
Bella- umm yea, but i need to go to my locker before we go
Rosalie- do you have to share lockers here?
Bella- yes you do, but sence we have been here so long, we got first picks where our locker is
Rosalie- would you guys mind sharing with us?
Emmett- not at all, you can share with me *winks at her*
Rosalie- okay *smiles and follows them to the lockers*
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