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Edward&Bella-My Last Breath

Edward&Bella:: I Knew I Loved You

Edward and Bella-Romeo and Juliet

Edward&Bella-I Knew I Loved You

Edward&Bella-Begin Again(Twilight Saga)

Edward&Bella-Love Story

Sparks Fly-Edward&Bella Tribute


Edward&Bella//Closer to Me

Twilight Saga:New Moon-I'll Always Need You

Edward&Bella-Never Stop

Taylor Swift-Haunted(New Moon version)

Taylor Swift-The Way I Loved You(Edward&Bella/Twilight saga version)

Taylor Swift-Superman(Twilight Saga fan made video)

Edward Cullen-If I Were A Boy

Edward and Bella(a fanmade video)

BD 2-Sleep Now Under My Skin

Eclipse-Bella/Edward/Jacob::Always(Bon Jovi)

Edward and Bella-Thank You For Loving Me(Bon Jovi)

Bella/Edward/Jacob BD part 1 fanmade video

Edward&Bella//Let Me Breathe for You

Edward&Bella-With or Without You(fanmade video)

Twilight Saga Super Trailer(with trailers from Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse and BD part 1)

Safe&Sound ll Bella*Edward*Renesmee

Edward&Bella Tribute-Lullaby to Forever

Edward&Bella-Lets Start With Forever(A Twilight Saga Love Story)

Edward & Bella - Hold Me

Kiss me-Edward and Bella

Edward&Bella | Right from the start [A THOUSAND YEARS]


Robsten - Impossible


Edward and Bella - A thousand years part 2 (twilight farewell)

Edward & Bella || Baby Don't Look Away

Breaking Dawn Edward's POV Chapter 7

Breaking Dawn Edward's POV Chapter 6

Soup Pha - M.I.A

Miss Independent - Kristen Stewart (feat. Rob Pattinson)

Dubstepped Twilight // Rise & Fall (Part 10)

Dubstepped Twilight // The Sky Is Low (Part 9)

Dubstepped Twilight // I'll Seek You Out (Part 8)

Dubstepped Twilight // Sorrow Into Silk (Part 7)

Dubstepped Twilight // Crave You (Part 6)

Dubstepped Twilight // Thrill (Part 4)

Dubstepped Twilight // Epic Threat (Part 3)

Dubstepped Twilight (Part 2)

Dubstepped Twilight

Edward // Maniac

I'm Gonna Love You ~Bella & Edward

Short but Powerful!

Breaking Dawn part 2 Parody by the Hillywood show

Twilight: The Broodening 4: Broodening Dawn

Breaking Dawn | Bullet train

Breaking Dawn; Part Two - Battle Scene.

► Lay Me To Sleep || Eclipse ||

Death by Striptease

piano music

Edward/ Bella || Bittersweet

Multifandom | Don't you try to catch me

breaking dawn part 1 every deleted scene

the twilight saga: just the stares

Jacob & Renesmee ♦ the power of love

Jacob & Renesmee ○ Call Me Maybe

Jacob + Renesmee ○ Faster

Breaking dawn part 2 - BTS

the bowl scene deleted scene BD1

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Present Time

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - The Driving Question

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Decoding Alice

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Shield Training

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - We Will Fight

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Witnesses

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Cloud Forest

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - A Yankee Vampire

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - A Way with the World

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Into the White

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Merchant of Venice

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - The Immortal Children

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Catching Snowflakes

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Sparkles At Last

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Here Goes Nothing

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Meet Renesmee

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - The Lamb Hunts The Lion

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - A World Bright And Buzzing

Breaking Dawn Part2 Score - Twilight Overture

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Bella Reborn

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - You Kill Her You Kill Me

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Jacob Imprints

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Biting

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Hearts Failing

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - The Venom

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - It's Renesmee

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Let's Start With Forever

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Playing Wolves

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Hearing The Baby

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - O Negative

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Don't Choose That

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Two Man Pack

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - A Wolf Stands Up

Breaking Dawn Part1 Score - Honeymoon In Eclipse