Juice Bar

I walked into English class. Zack Martin had started yet another spitball war. I giggled; I was always more of a guy than a girl. My two best friends, Addison and Bailey walked up to me. Bailey looked at where I was staring. “Elli, if you like Zack so much why don’t you just tell him?” I shook my head. “No. never, Zack and I are just friends, he’d never think of me that way.” Addison smiled, “why not? You’re pretty, skinny, smart, funny, you love pranks and you can be a ditz at times. You’re totally Zack’s type.” Bailey waved her hand so she could add to Addison description. “And your blonde hair is totally to die for, and you have beautiful green eyes.” I scowled, and waved my hands at them, “both of you! Shush!” The both rolled their eyes as the class sat down.
Most of the entire class time I spent sketching the back of Zack’s head on my notepad, I forgot how lucky I was to sit behind him. His sandy blond hair was a perfect mix of wind-blown, and bed-head. Soon, the teacher came around, passing back graded papers. When he came to me, he glanced at my desk, “nice art work, Lizzie. What is that?” The guys in class started laughing; they all found it too funny when the teacher forgot my name. Zack turned around to look, I covered my drawing with my arms, I smiled politely back at the teacher, “You know, Mr. Carlson, this isn’t art class. So I am not at obligation to have to tell you” He smiled sarcastically, “yes, Miss Sparks, you’re right. This isn’t art class. So keep your art there please and next time, don’t forget to check your grammar with the art teacher.” The guys’ laughter shot up again, I picked up my books and rushed out the door as soon as the bell rang. Before the tears pricked at my eyes, I ran to my room, and threw all my stuff on my bed. I sat there for a minute. I realized I had to go see my other best friend, Marcus Little. Sadly though, he lived in the same cabin as Zack, I closed my eyes before I knocked, hoping that Zack wasn’t coming. I pounded on the door, “Marcus! Open the door! I need to talk to you before I have to take over my smoothie shift with the biggest jerk in the world!” the door opened, Zack grinned, “Biggest jerk in the world, at your service. How may I help you?” I just shook my head, walking away, once I heard him close the door, I went to the room directly across from Marcus and Zack’s, Zack’s twin brother Cody’s room, I knocked lightly, So Zack wouldn’t hear, Cody opened it, he smiled, “hey Elli, what’s up?” I put my finger to my lips; I waved towards his room behind him “Can I come in?” He stepped aside, “of course.” I walked in and sat down; Cody closed the door and sat next to me. “Ells, what’s wrong?” I groaned “Your idiotic twin is what’s wrong?” he groaned too, “what did he do this time?” I told him. After I finished, Cody just stared. I started to panic “say something Cody!” he put his hand on my knee. ”Elli, its sound’s more than a crush here. I think you’re in love with Zack.” I shook my head, “No! He- I can’t love Zack!” Cody looked like he had no more answers. “I don’t think you have a choice. Go and tell him. He’s had a thing for you for the past two semesters.” We heard a door close somewhere. I got up, Cody smiled and opened the door for me “he was probably listening. Good luck, and don’t worry, I’ll take over your shift today.” Tears almost welled in my eyes; I threw my arms around him, “thanks Cody.” Then, I went across the hall, I knocked on the door. No one answered. I knocked again, I heard Zack inside but he didn’t open the door. Tears actually did well this time, but in hurt, not heart. I begged, “Zack! Please, open the door. I know you heard all of what Cody and I said. Don’t act like you’re not there. Please! Just….” I ran then. I knew he wouldn’t answer the door. I ran all the way to the skydeck, Sobbing. I leaned over the railing, trying to calm down. I felt a hand on my back, “Elizabeth, are you alright?” It was Mr. Moseby, the ship’s manager. “Not really Mr. M” He gestured to a couple of chairs, we both sat, he handed me a handkerchief, I smiled gratefully, wiping my tears. Before I knew it, I had told him everything, I finished telling him the last of it, that Zack wouldn’t open the door. Mr. Moseby dialed some numbers on his phone. Then, two very, big, crew members came up behind me. They each grabbed my arms. Then followed Mr. Moseby to the smoothie bar, where Zack and Cody were working. Zack looked surprised to see the men holding me, and shocked to see my face, stained of tears, and mixed with hate and hurt. The guys put me down. I looked at Zack. I spun around and started running. But whoever was behind me was faster, they caught up to me quickly, he put his arms around my waist, and turned me around so I was facing him. There, I stood, chest to chest with Zack, he grinned, falling backward, so I was on top of him. He grinned “What’s up Elli?” I stood up; I realized that we were right in front of his room. So I walked in, he followed. He wrapped his arms around me; I put my hands on his chest and pushed him away. “’What’s up’? That’s all you can say?” Zack looked straight in my eyes. “No. my brother was right. I do love you, it’s just….I’ve never been in a serious relationship longer than a month. I wouldn’t want to hurt you and I’d be miserable if you hurt me” before I could say anything he wrapped his arms around my waist again, he backed up until we were on the bed. He rolled over; he was now on top of me. He shoved his mouth against mine, spreading my lips open, his tongue met with mine, I touched his lip with my tongue. He laughed against my mouth. I wrapped my legs around his hips. We rolled so we were both on our sides; I tangled my fingers in his hair. He slid his hands down my back, and then went under my shirt, he fumbled with my bra snaps for a second, then letting it fall. I moved my hands from his hair and moved to either side of his face. I jumped, surprised that he bit my bottom lip, he snickered against my lips. He kicked his sandals off, I did the same. I twisted my legs with his, I got a hold of the back of his shirt, he laughed, pulled away long enough to get the shirt off his head and lock the door. Then he started kissing me again. I laughed, we’d been together all for about two hours, and we’d been kissing for an hour and forty-five minutes of those two hours. We sat up, he grinned, pulling me onto his lap. “I love you, and looking back of the last hour I can tell you weren’t lying about loving me” I smiled “not for a second.” He kissed me again, before getting up. I handed him his shirt. He pulled it on over his head. I stood up too; he motioned for me to turn around. I did. He lifted up my shirt; I felt his warm hand clip my bra back into place. He poked me in my sides. I squealed. “ai! Don’t do that!” he laughed, “but you’re so cute!” I turned and glared at him, he pulled me in for a hug. I glanced at the window, “what time is it?” he dug for his iPhone from his pocket, “about seven. Why?” I pointed to my stomach. “I’m hungry, and you should be too” he nodded, slinging his arm over my shoulder, “let’s go grab something to eat. And we can brag to everybody about me finally finding my one girl.” I looked up at him. He grinned. “What? You think I’m gonna need anyone else? I’ve never loved anybody before. Just you. I plan to marry you someday Ellie. I plan to ask you on this very boat.” I smiled, getting on my tiptoes to kiss him, “I love you too. And thank you, I’ll have my answer ready when you ask me” he laughed, as we walked onto the Skydeck, he nodded toward the railing, “you wait there, I’ll get us some smoothies while we think about what to eat. What kind do you want?” I smiled, “Um….Strawberry Banana” he nodded laughing at what I hated making on our shifts at the smoothie bar, I hated making it but I loved drinking it. Two very angry girls stood next to me. One, a platinum blonde, the other a dark-haired super model type girl. The blonde pouted. “I can’t believe Zack stood me up…” the brunette rolled her eyes, “at least he just stood you up. He told me that he had found true love and he wouldn’t date again.” she scoffed, “like a worthless scum like him would ever find love and whoever loves him is a dense, dull, dumb, moron” I couldn’t handle it then, insulting me was fine. But insulting Zack? Unforgivable. I stood in front her “excuse me? Don’t talk about Zack that way” she laughed. “Yeah, who are you to tell me that I can’t bash my boyfriend of two months? He told me he planned on marrying me.” The blonde gasped, “OMG! Me too!” I backed away from them, not wanting to believe. The brunette turned and looked at me. “So, what’d he tell you?” I looked at her, “he told me he loves that he plans on marrying me and that’d never date anyone else again.” they both laughed, “the usual. Where is he now?” I pointed behind me, “getting smoothies.” They laughed again. “Oh yeah? I don’t see him. Look.” I turned to look, but before I saw him, I blacked out.
When I awoke, my arms and legs were tied. And there was something in my mouth. I couldn’t spit it out either. I looked around. They were sitting in front of me. The blonde smiled. But the brunette glared. I tried to say something, but I couldn’t, the thing in my mouth shocked me. I screamed. They laughed, the blonde one giggled like a horse. “Relax princess. You’ve only been here two days. We’re testing your and Zack’s love for each other. We’ll let you go at the end of this week. But we’re gonna have some fun with it. You know, hurt you, so Zack’ll hear you scream while he searches for you” the brunette added, “and if he bothers to find you he’ll feel horrible. Seeing all the blood over you” I tried to say what’s the point of this? But it didn’t come out as words. It shocked me harder. I screamed again, which made it shocked me again. And I screamed. They laughed. The brunette had a bottle of fake blood in her hands, she dripped it all over me, and the blonde had a tiny bottle. She held it right over my eyes, after she finished I knew it was fake tears. They added make-up, making me look hurt. They heard footsteps. I blinked. It was a bad idea, my eyes were glued shut. They started to untie me, and laid me on my side. I suddenly couldn’t move. But one of them put something in my mouth as the person rattled the handle. It shocked me again. I screamed again, the person busted the door open. I heard a gasp. I felt a hand on my face, “how can you look so beautiful when you’re bloody and unconscious?”
This is what heard:
Zack: “What the hell are you guys doing?”
Brunette (named, Rosalea): “Nothing!”
Blonde (named Tiffany, of course.): “We were trying to see if you really loved her or if she was just the girl of the week!”
Rosalea: “Tiffany!”
Tiffany: “I’m sorry! I crack under pressure!”
Zack: “Yeah…But you’ve hurt her. Look, bruises, burn marks and blood!”
Rosalea: “oh relax its fake blood and make-up”
Tiffany: “but the burns are real”
Zack: “I’ll deal with your crap later. Now, I gotta make sure she’s okay. And if she’s not? Oh, you’re gonna regret ever touching her”
I was scared from the danger and darkness in Zack’s voice. I felt him pick me up. “God, you’re light” he muttered.

I finally opened my eyes to Zack’s room. I sat up quickly; I looked down to my clothes. Instead of my skinny jeans and Hello Kitty T-shirt, I had on my lime green sweat pants and my yellow tank-top, my favorite colors. Zack must have done this, only he and Cody have the extra key to my room (don’t ask how I didn’t have to share). I touched my face, it felt insanely soft. I smiled. I had the best boyfriend ever, I heard movement. I looked over to the person sitting there, it was Marcus. He grinned “well, you’re finally alive and blinking” I just smiled Marcus was here so I laid back down. And Zack would probably be back soon. “Hey Marcus, what do you think of Zack actually staying with just one girl?” he stretched, “well, personally I never saw it happening so I was surprised, but If it had to be anyone, I’m glad it was you. You’re good for Zack you know. You keep him out of trouble and he keeps you out of trouble, you two are faultless together.” I smiled “thanks Marcus. I owe you some comfort next time you want it, okay?” he laughed, walking to the door, “alright, I’ll be counting on you” Right as he left Zack walked in, he smiled as he saw me lying awake on his bed. He sighed in relief, “good! I thought you weren’t ever gonna come around” I sat up slowly; I threw myself into his arms, “Zack! I love you so much!” He grinned, “Yeah. I love you too, Sit down, you’re still kind of shaky, so be careful” got down one knee but I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. He grinned, “Ellie...” but he didn’t continue. he took something out from his back pocket; I took one look at what he was holding and gasped. He grinned wider and finished his sentence, “Ellie, Will you marry me?” I was speechless, “From what happened in the past three days I figure I don’t want to lose you, and the easiest way is to make sure you’re mine alone” I threw my arms around him, he laughed, “Yes!” he kissed my cheek “nice. We’ll keep this kind of secret till we can get married next year, is that okay?” I smiled, “yes, it’s kind of romantic that only we know.” He grinned, “If you like that, how about this?” he placed a ring in my hand, I examined it, it had the words, True Love Waits. He held up his hand, he had a purity ring too. “I know how we feel about each other, but still…” I kissed his cheek, “thank you, I love it” I held up my hand and gave him the ring; he held my hand in his and slid the ring onto my finger.