I had the honor to interview Rachel, our April and May FOTM. Congrats for winning !

So, first of all, how does it feel being the first Fan Of The Month of the Forwood spot ?

It feels amazing and I feel so honoured that you all voted for me. It means so much to me that I can't even explain how happy it makes me.

Can you tell us something about you that we don't know ?

Well, I'm 18. I live in Canada. I go to university and am pretty much obsessed with TV.

What got you hooked on The Vampire Diaries ?

I wanted to watch it from the very first promo. I don't even know why, I just thought why not. So I watched the premiere and even though it wasn't the best Pilot I tuned in the next couple weeks when it started to get really good and I was hooked.

I shipped them in season 1
When did you start shipping Tyler and Caroline ? Was it a precise moment ? What captured your interest at first ?

I shipped them in season 1. I think it was when they were drinking together in 1x06. I just thought they would look hot together. I didn't think much of it then. They were just an AU ship for me back then but I always hoped they would happen.

And what moment/scene/etc... made you a harcore shipper ?

I think it would be the hug from 2x08. That whole scene was just so beautiful and we saw a vulnerable Tyler for the first time. He admitted his fears to Caroline and we saw how truly alone he felt and I think Caroline understood that because she spent a lot of time in season 1 feeling alone. They were these two characters who felt so alone and broken and felt like no one understood what they were going through. All they both needed was someone to care and understand and thats exactly what Caroline gave Tyler when she hugged him. He seemed surrpised by her gesture maybe because no one has ever really reached out to him like she just had but you could tell how much he needed it. The best part was I wasn't expecting them to hug. I remember yelling "hug, hug, hug!" at my TV but I didn't think they would. So when Caroline did hug him I wanted to cry.

When Caroline did hug him I wanted to cry.

What do you love about Tyler and Caroline as individuals characters ?

Pretty much everything.
Caroline is the most adorable person in the world. She's easily my favorite female character on the show. I loved her since Pilot when she made her 'I'm never the one' speech. From that moment she became the character you could easily relate too. Caroline has come such a long way since then. She went from being this insecure control freak who just wanted someone to choose her to a total badass. She's so strong, selfless, sweet, caring and the list can go one forever. She doesn't take shit from anyone anymore, she stands up for herself and I love that.
Well for starters he's hot. Tyler has grown up so much from last season. He's had to really stay strong as all this superatural stuff was just thrown at him. I really love how he went from this bully to someone who's matured and become a more caring and understanding person. He's become a more layered character and the werewolf storyline was one of my favorite parts of season 2.

They can be themselves with each other.
What do you love about them together ? (Go ahead, you have my permission to write a novel if you feel the need to lol.)

Oh god. I don't even know what to say to this. I'll try to keep this short cause if I go into detail I'll never stop. I love how they can relate to each other. I love that Caroline became the one person Tyler could rely on in his time of need. I love that Caroline was the one person Tyler really let into his life and he opened up to her. They can be themselves with each other. Caroline doesn't judge him for who he is and doesn't let the fact that he's a werewolf get in the way of their friendship. Tyler fully accepts her, flaws and all and he doesn't see her as second best. They just fit so perfectly into each other's lives.

Have you read the books ? If so, do you ship them in there too ?

I haven't read the books.

What's your favorite TC scene ever ?

Ever? Oh god this is tough. I'll go with the cuddling scene.

The most ... :
The most beautiful moment

-beautiful/emotionnal moment : Caroline going back to Tyler after the 1st transformation.
- saddest moment : "We're not friends anymore."
- cutest moment : The smiles from 2x12.
- sexiest moment : The wall slam. It was pretty hot.
- funniest moment : When Tyler thought Caroline was a werewolf and she laughed.
- unexpected moment : The cuddling scene.

Do their story remind you of any fictionnal love stories ?

They're pretty unique
Um I've seen Beauty & The Beast comparisons. And then there's the obvious Romeo/Juliet vibe. But I think they're pretty unique.

If you could take one scene, of any pairing in the history of television, that you ship or not,
and give it to Forwood, what would it be ?

The cage sex scene from Lost. [Note from me : for those of you who don't know, link is the scene]

Your favorite ...
Favorite TC moment

- TC moment (no words said) : Tyler outside Caroline's house before he leaves.
- TC quote : "Caroline’s been there for me more than anyone's ever been there my entire life. And I kind of fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t because she’s pretty incredible."
- Underrated scene : Tyler letting Caroline out of the cage. Because of what happened after that people seem to overlook that he did rescue her.
- Episode that contains TC scenes : This is hard. Um I think I'll go with "By The Light Of The Moon".
- Song that reminds you of TC : The Reason - Hoobastank

I also ship Treccola hardcore.
This or that ... :

- Tyler or Caroline : Caroline
- Michael or Candice : Both. I can't choose
- Forwood or Treccola : Forwood but I also ship Treccola hardcore.
- Forwood or Cyler (shipping names) : Forwood
- Delena or Forwod : Delena

What's Forwood's position in your list of favorite TV couples ?

Definitely in my top 5.

Let's say you're given the chance to meet JP and KW, would you give them any advice on how to write Tyler and Caroline's story or would you trust them as you're fully satisfied with the way they've done it until now ? Would you change anything ?

Every single scene was perfect
I am 100% happy with everything that the writers have done. In such a short time they've managed to explore this relationship and we've gotten happy times and sad times and angsty times. I mean every single scene has just been perfect. I think the writers really know what they're doing when it comes to TC and not only them but Michael and Candice have amazing chemistry that makes every single scene is amazing. I wouldn't change a thing. The only thing I would ask of them is to throw in some sex scenes next season.

According to you, what would be the worst thing that could ever happen to TC ?

One of them dies before they even get a chance at a real relationship. This would just be cruel.

I really hope they fall in love
What are your expectations or your hopes for them for season 3 ?

I have really high hopes because of their last scene this season. I'm hoping they become an official solid couple. I want to see them grow closer, I want Caroline to realize how perfect Tyler is for her and I really hope they fall in love. I really think that once they come together they will last forever.

What do you think of this spot ?

I love how active its become over the course of the 2nd season. It was pretty dead before then but not anymore! There are so many picks and videos and its all just really great.

Finally, to end this interview, is there anything you want to add ?

I just want to thank everyone for voting for me and to never give up on Forwood no matter what ups and downs they have. Season 3 is their season and it will be epic. Once again, thank you all for voting for me. I love you all <3

I really think that once they come together they will last forever.

[Note from me : sorry it took so long we were/are both busy with school]