Caroline's at the schoolground. Matt comes:
M: Caroline
C: Matt
M: You need to tell me what your hiding.
C: Matt, I'm not hiding anything from you.
M: Are you and Tyler together?
C: No, were just friends.
M: I hope that's true but you can't fool me Caroline.
He kisses her. Then Matt says:
M: See you later Care.
Caroline stares around with amazement.
Caroline stays late for the basketball match. Tyler's playing in the game. After the game finishes Tyler finds Caroline. He says:
T: Caroline,I never got the chance to say thank you.
C: For what Tyler?
T: The transformation. I want you to know that ill always be here for you. I could drive you home.
C: That'd be nice.
They come home. Tyler suddenly starts to kiss Caroline. After she gets kissed she snaps:
C: Everybody needs to stop kissing me!
And she shuts the door. Tyler gets confused and then understands what she means.
T: Caroline! He says.
C: Tyler, I'm sorry! Im just so confused.
T: You kissed Matt?
C: Yes..
T: Care, remember that he'll never know your secret. We could get into each others shoes.
Caroline opens the door.
C: I know.
Then, they kiss :) <3