sorry guys, I don't mean to post this twice but it got cut off in the question thing.

ok, first off. I understand that Caroline was upset because of Tyler's hesitation to the whole issue surrounding last night's episode but are people seriously saying that Tyler doesn't have as much right to be mad as Caroline? She did have a right to be mad but so did he. I don't like the Tyler hate that's been going around. Yeah, he hesitated. but come on give cut him some slack. Us as viewers seen what Caroline's motives were for everything & we understood that but he didn't . In his mind, she was the only one who knew about his curse. She all of a sudden became his friend & the only one he can count on just to find out that she was lying to him the entire time & she had information on the death of his uncle who he was trying to get in touch with the whole time. In his eyes, their whole new friendship was based on lies. He felt betrayed & angry. That's completely understandable. Yeah, he was wrong for sitting there & hesitating but you guys have to understand that this guy has been through a lot lately. He's getting information left & right (about werewolves, vampires, his uncle, etc) and doesn't have a solid person to turn to. & besides, he doesn't know much about what he is so I can see how he turns to Jules (#*@&#) to help him through that. I don't really like Jules but she's told him more of the truth then Caroline ever did so we can't blame him for believing her. Tyler has a lot to learn about himself & I don't think he's the " bad guy. " He's confused and alone & I bet he was shocked during that fight so we can't blame him for it. He didn't know that all those other wolves were there! At the end of the day, he knew he was wrong & he went to apologize for it. Don't be too harsh on him. He made a mistake. Get over it. He recognized his faults & I felt so bad for him & Caroline. I honestly think they both of them could've handled the situation differently ! besides, what did we expect him to do ?? he's new and inexperienced, he can't just start fighting against his own kind and even if he decided to do that he wouldn't even be able to put up much of a fight. Tyler had no reason to trust vampires at that point anyway. It was a little disappointing but his reaction was understandable whether people want to admit it or not. You guys also have to understand that Tyler didn't have any time to process anything that was going on. He found out everything at once & before he even had time to sort everything out & think about it, Jules called a bunch of werewolves to town & started even more conflict. He didn't know what to think , what to do , who to trust, nothing. He had so much weight on his shoulders, the poor guy's emotions were everywhere. So they should think about his side of the story before they start bashing him. Give him a break! The poor guy just triggered his curse & became a wolf for the very first time. The viewers seen what he was going through & it was really gruesome. The only person he trusted ( Caroline ) lied to him about everything. (we know she was doing the right thing but he didn't know that.) He feels alone, betrayed, upset, confused, etc. He didn't have a mentor to look up to when he changed because Mason is dead & now some lady wolf comes to town & spills all the beans. So now he has to decide who's side he's on when he doesn't even know a lot about what he is or who he is himself. It's a really messy situation & I feel so bad for my Tyler .