Tyler Lockwood & Bonnie Bennett Should we have FOTM?

Charmed-Sisters posted on May 01, 2011 at 02:19PM
That's a goos question. A fan suggested this and overall I think it's an amazing idea but we just have one small problem. This spot is pratically dead! Noboady rarely comes on here and if they do they don't end up staying for too long. So my suggestion is to you guys is to to spread the word about this club! Give it a month and if there is enough people then we will proceede with the FOTM idea.
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over a year ago ILuvTV101 said…
what fotm?
over a year ago Charmed-Sisters said…
^Fan of the month :)
over a year ago ducky8abug said…
I ship Bamon, Tonnie and Stefonnie. Currently, I'm heavily invested in Bamon and I know Stefonnie will never happen but in my heart, I've always held out hope for Bonnie and Tyler. I want to watch how Michael Trevino reacts around Katerina Graham. I just can't help it. I'm curious how Tyler and Bonnie would get along if he were a werewolve and she his...uhm...master.