So here's an article that contains many quotes about our fabulous real-life buddies. These two deserve this much. Really, their chemistry on and off-screen leaves me in awe. I don't know if Scott and Stiles would be as convincing if these two weren't the actors portraying them.
If you take the time to read this and know of a quote I didn't include, feel free to drop a link below or message me about it. It would be much appreciated. I'll also update this frequently, whenever I find a new quote (which seems to be almost every week. Tyler and Dylan can't shut up about each other. Not that I'm complaining.).

My motto when I did one of these articles used to be "rate it even if you hate it", but now that fanpop got rid of rating and just has this fanning nonsense, that doesn't apply. Oh well. Anywhoo, I spent many hours compiling this (hopefully) comprehensive list, scouring the web for interviews, transcribing video interviews and whatnot, and sincerely hope that all my work wasn't for naught. Enjoy!

*** Tyler Posey: "Dylan O'Brien is the funniest dude you'll ever meet." {HollyscoopTV interview, June 3rd 2011}

*** Dylan O'Brien: "Teen Wolf's crazy. It's about a kid named Scott and he's hot. Tyler Posey? Good looking. Come on, you guys know, I can already tell. I can already tell you guys know."
{ video interview, June 28th 2011}

*** Dylan O'Brien: "They’ll always just be able to talk and get along, and I think that’s totally like me and Tyler. Right from the get-go, when we met at the screen test, we were just instant buds. It wasn’t awkward at all. We could just hang out and shoot the shit. Even if we didn’t get the parts afterwards, we were already exchanging numbers and were ready to hang out. I think that’s a big thing that is really like the dynamic of our characters as well." { interview, July 8th 2011}

*** Dylan O'Brien: "I think it helps that Tyler and I are also such good friends in real life and are on the same page with how this relationship needs to be, and how it has to come off with the audience. *** Yeah, literally from the get-go. We had a network test and that was the first time we all met. Something went wrong with the contract, so we ended up being there for like five hours with a lot of down time, so we had a lot of talking to do. Me and Tyler were just instant buddies. We had a lot in common; we both played music and played in bands. We were just very natural, kind of like how Scott and Stiles are. Immediately after the network test, we exchanged numbers and planned on hanging or something, even if neither of us got the part. Then when we found out we both got it, we were both just so stoked. We were like, “Dude, let’s hang.” We just became really good buddies in the process." { interview, June 13th 2011}

*** Dylan O'Brien: "This guy gets a lot of action on-screen and off-screen. He's the buffest, best-lookin' dude I know. Uh, he's probably got the best muscles."
Interviewer: "Do you want us to find you a room at the Four Seasons after this?"
{younghollywood interview, June 22nd 2011}

*** Jeff Davis (writer & executive producer of Teen Wolf): "You hope for the best and hope that all of these different personalities will connect... and we got the best. They became the best of friends- Dylan and Tyler Posey in particular. Before the pilot was even shot, I emailed Tyler and said “Hey, you guys are supposed to look like best friends so you might want to start hanging out with Dylan just a few times to get that kind of familiarity," and he told me that they had already been hanging out and they literally turned into the best of friends during the show! So I feel like we struck gold with the cast." { interview, June 24th 2011}

*** Questioner: "What’s it like working with Tyler Posey?"
Dylan O'Brien: "Oh, dude, it’s awesome! Did you talk to him?!"
Q: "We did! He’s incredible!"
Dylan: "Right?! He’s just the coolest dude, and we’ve just become natural buddies. Even if neither of us had gotten the part on Teen Wolf, we’d already exchanged numbers, ready to hang out. So it’s been fun- I still have flashbacks to Tyler and I reading with each other for screen tests to practice, and he’d be like- “Dude, what if we got this thing?”, and I’d be like “Dude, that’d be so cool, it’d be insane!” And then it happened, which is really weird! It’s been crazy, but it’s been really cool, and he’s become a good friend of mine, too, which is great- I didn’t even ask for that. Best friends on TV, and in real life!....We always describe it like me and Tyler are Chandler and Joey from Friends."
{ interview, June 28th 2011}

*** Questioner: "You get along insanely well with Tyler."
Dylan : "Yeah."
Q: "You guys have wonderful chemistry."
Dylan: "Yeah. Yeah."
Q: "Like the scenes you guys play together, takes a lot to pop that well."
Dylan: "Right."
Q: "Sometimes you see people placed next to each other...should have chemistry, don't. But you guys really blend well with one another."
Dylan: "Yeah."
Q: "You guys live together, you said too?"
Dylan: "Yeah, uh, yeah, Tyler, I mean...he's just... he's y'know, the coolest dude, the nicest guy. He...we met at the network test. Y'know and we just had never met before, we were both just at our final audition. And they had taken awhile that day. Like, the network test ended up being like six hours because of contract reasons. So we had like a lot of time to kill. And so me and T, we're just like shootin' the shit, hangin' out. And it was just like how Scott and Stiles kinda are. We weren't talking about anything of like importance. It was just like, y'know, natural."
Q: "Was it just you two, or was there others competing for your parts?"
Dylan: "There was others competing for our parts too."
Q: "Isn't that interesting that you matched up with him?"
Dylan: "Right?!"
Q: "Like let's hang out and talk."
Dylan: "That's what was so funny. We even like went outside and ran our scene and he was like 'Dude, how cool would it be if we got this?' and I was like 'Dude, don't even say it.' And we like exchanged numbers after the test anyway and just being like 'we should hang no matter what.' But then we found it was happened."
Q: "And it works. Now you lived together then, you're going to live together going into this season as well?"
Dylan: "Yeah, yeah, exactly. That's the plan."
Q: "How awesome is that?"
Dylan: "It's so cool."
Q: "Like you hang out at work and then-"
Dylan: "Hang out at home, yeah."
Q: "You got the life, dude."
{SModcast interview, July 20th 2011}

*** Tween Questioners: "What is it like working with your best friend? And did you know each other before you started the show?"
Dylan: ", we didn't know each other. Um, met at that last audition. I don't know if you heard..."
Radio Questioner "They weren't listening before. I think they heard every fifth word you said."
Dylan: "Oh, man. What was the question aga- oh yah, Tyler. It's really...I mean, it's the coolest thing. And it's like I can't even compare it to anything 'cause I've only known what it's like to work with, like, a good friend. Just 'cause it's been like me and Tyler in my entire career. It's been me and Tyler Posey. No, it's so awesome though because we have so much fun on set and then we also live together. So then we'll come home and [in gay voice] have so much fun at home. So much. [Laughs]
Q: "Wholesome fun, I imagine?"
Dylan: [in gay voice] "We have a lot of wholesome fun. [laughs] Nah, it's just...he's the coolest, the coolest."
Q: "Do you guys go out and cruise chicks, sit home watch movies, what do you do?"
Dylan: "We cruise a lot of chicks, man. [Laughs] No, we're such...we're such lazy dudes. Well, not lazy. We like what we like and we like just kinda hanging out."
Q: "Well, you guys work too."
Dylan: "We're so tired. And it's all nights. By the time it's gets to the Fraturday, and we're into Saturday morning, you really only have that Saturday night and Sunday morning to turn around. So we usually just chill out. We go bowling. We like bowling."
Q: "Are you a gamer? Do you play video games as well?"
Dylan: "We try to play video games. We play like...Tyler's insanely good at Halo. To me he's insanely good. He always tells us that he's actually the worst out of his friends, but I guess like compared to all of us. [gay voice] You're amazing, Tyler. Your headshots are right on point, buddy [laughs]. No, he's so funny though. It's insane, you'll just be like flying with a jetpack and he'll snipe you out of the sky with a headshot."
Q: "It's no fair to have two things. He's leading Teen Wolf and he can shoot well."
Dylan: "And he can shoot well. It's not fair."
Q: "You can only have one of those."
Dylan: "Come on, pick one, man."
Q: "Are you familiar enough with the wolf costumes to be around them now, or is it still weird?"
Dylan: "It's weird."
Q: "Tyler's contacts?"
Dylan: "Like he even needs them. [gay voice] His eyes are amazing [laughs].
{SModcast interview, July 20th 2011]

*** Questioner from audience: "This question is for Tyler Posey."
Tyler: "Okay."
Questioner: "How does it feel going playing from a sweet ten year-old in Maid in Manhattan to playing a sex symbol on tv?"
Tyler: "Is that what I am? Am I a sex symbol?"
*cue screaming girls in the audience*
Tyler: "Wow."
Questioner: "Dylan you're hot!"
Tyler: "Yesss! *pats Dylan on the back* How does it feel from going from a ten year-old to being a sex symbol? Ummm, well there was like a ten year gap in between that. I didn't just go from a ten year-old to being a sex symbol. Ummm, actually that was the first time I like found out that I was a sex symbol, so...thank you. It feels good. I don't know, I feel like Dylan should be a sex symbol also though."
*screaming and shout-outs from audience*
Tyler: "Him? Dylan? [turns to Dylan] Take off your shirt. Come on, Dyl."
{Comic Con Panel, July 23rd 2011}

*** Questioner: "My question is for Tyler, the Scott Tyler."
Tyler: "Okay."
Questioner: " What would you say your similarities are between you and your character?"
Tyler: "Ummm, well, we're pretty different, me and my character, Scott. thing that we're very similar in is that Scott and Stiles have a really really good relationship [puts arm around Dylan] and it's just super real and they're just super best buds, y'know? It's a bromance! [awwing in audience] And it's like that with me. I've got a really good friend. We just kind of go through everything together, and that's kind of the way I'm similar to Scott."
{Comic Con Panel, July 23rd 2011}

*** "Questioner: "My question is for Tyler Posey. Who's your favorite character besides your own character?"
Tyler: "Stiles."
*cheering in audience*
Holland Martin: "I think it's safe to say everyone would choose Stiles."
Tyler Hoechlin: "That's a unanimous decision I think between everybody here. Everybody loves Stiles."
Tyler Posey: "I still want to see Stiles take off his shirt though. I don't know about you."
*massive fangirling in the audience*
Dylan: "Why do you have to do that shit to me? I will remove my shirt later in my film career."
Tyler: "It'll happen though, just wait. It'll happen."
{Comic Con Panel, July 23rd 2011}

*** Tweeter: "Dylan, I'd like to let you know that you are my wallpaper for my phone."
Tyler: "That's not a question!"
Dylan: "That's not a question, but that's the sweetest statement I've ever heard, Meredith14.
Tyler: "YOU WERE! You were my phone wallpaper!"
Dylan: "Woah."
Tyler: "Weird."
Dylan: "Alright, well. You've made us realize a lot of things about our relationship. Thank you, Meredith."
Tyler: "Thank you, Meredith14."
{Cambio Live Chat, July 25th 2011}

*** Tweeter: "Who do you think is the goofiest person on set?"
Dylan: "Goofiest person on set? T-Pose. Gotta go to T-Pose."
Tyler: "I'm T-Pose, by the way."
{Cambio Live Chat, July 25th 2011}

*** Tweeter: "Did any of you guys know each other before Teen Wolf?"
Tyler: "I knew Tyler Hoechlin. Did a little tv show with that guy called Lincoln Heights."
Dylan: "And me and Tyler used to date, but other than that..."
Tyler: "Dylan and I used to date a little while back. So this is really awkward right now."
Dylan: "No, no, no. Well, it was..."
Tyler: "It's still awkward for me! Okay? That's why we ended in the first place. 'Cause you never accounted for my feelings!!!"
Dylan: "Promised I wouldn't bring it up in Cambio, alright, so..."
Colton Haynes: "Okay, you guys. Can we calm down please?"
Tyler: "Read the ipad, read the ipad."
Dylan: "Alright bro. Here we go, moving on very swiftly."
{Cambio Live Chat, July 25th 2011}

*** Lead line: "On his dynamic friendship with co-star Tyler Posey."
Dylan O'Brien: “It’s the same as on the show in the sense that we can hang out at any time, any day and it’s chill. We can talk about anything. We can hang with each other and just sit there and be quiet. It doesn’t matter. That’s something that Scott and Stiles have, too. We’re just natural buddies.”
{Parade Magazine Interview, August 15th 2011}

*** Tyler Posey: "There are many different elements to the show. It's classified as a drama but it's not just a drama at all. It's got great comedic timing, thanks to Dylan O'Brien."
{Sky Living Interview, August 27th, 2011}

*** Dylan O'Brien: "I like Seltzer because I'm not old enough to drink, so I don't."
Tyler Posey: "Yeah, we're not old enough to drink so..."
Interviewer: "So what else do you do?"
Dylan: "I actually hate Seltzer."
Tyler: [slings arm on Dylan's shoulder] "We take long walks on the beach..."
Dylan: "Yeah. Candlelit dinners..."
Tyler: "Candlelit dinners, movies..."
Dylan: "We go to movies, just us, a lot."
Tyler: "Romantic, romantic."
Interviewer: "So what are you guys doing now, on your down-time?"
Tyler: "That was basically all."
Dylan: "That's what we do on our down-time."
Tyler: "Actually, we have bands we play in. He's the best drummer I've ever heard."
Dylan: "Oh, dude. Stop it, bro."
{MTV Video Music Awards Interview, August 28th, 2011}

*** Interviewer: "Is this your first Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party?"
Dylan: "Uhhh, no, I came last year because Tyler was in it last year, so he brought me as his guest."
Interviewer: "And now you're here on your own, right?"
Dylan: "Now I'm here on my own! And he's not my guest but he's with me still."
{9th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party, September 23, 2011}

*** Fan Question: "What was the hardest part about playing your characters?"
Tyler Posey: "Not attacking Dylan every scene."
Jill Wagner: "With kisses."
Tyler Posey: "With kisses! With hugs and kisses! That's what I meant."
Fan question: "What was your favorite episode of season 1?"
Tyler Posey: "But yeah, episode 10 was by far my favorite."
Dylan O'Brien: "You were the man in that episode, bro."
Tyler Posey: "Thanks, bro."
Dylan O'Brien: "Over the course of a season I work with Tyler a lot, which is the BEST. I mean, obviously."
Tyler Posey: "Awww!I love you, bro!"
Dylan O'Brien: "Love you too, bro."
{MCM London Expo- Day 1, October 2012}

***Fan question: "What's your favorite scene in Teen Wolf?"
Tyler Posey: "It was the scene where Dylan and I make out. That was my favorite scene."
Dylan O'Brien: "Yeah. Well, it got cut. It actually ended up getting cut."
Tyler Posey: "It got cut?"
Dylan O'Brien: "Yeah. You guys should know, it got cut pretty last minute, but like ther was a scene where me and Tyler made out. Actually, when the DVD comes out that'll be- we actually talk about it on the commentary. And there should be some deleted scenes. It'll probably be in there. Where we make out."
Fan question: "Have you ever found the need to improvise during a scene?"
Dylan O'Brien: "I actually do quite a bit of improv. A couple of my ad-libs make it, a couple don't."
Tyler Posey: "You improvise the most on the show."
Dylan O'Brien: "Yeah, I have the most freedom with it I'd say because I get more of the comedy."
Tyler Posey: "He's the best at it too."
Dylan O'Brien: "No."
Tyler Posey: "Yeah."
Dylan O'Brien: "[in a gay voice] Tyler. Tyler."
Tyler Posey: "I thought the meatloaf thing was pretty cool. [in a gay voice] What?"
Dylan O'Brien: "[still in a gay voice]Stop it. Stop it."
Tyler Posey: "He gets embarrassed when I compliment him. It's very cute isn't it?"
*Dylan noses his face into Tyler's shoulder*
Tyler Posey: "Awww, oh my goddd!"
Dylan O'Brien: "See, I told you. This is actually happening."
Tyler Posey: "What is?"
Dylan O'Brien: "Our relationship."
Fan question: "Is there any spoilers for season 2?"
Tyler Posey: "I think there's a couple naked people in the first episode."
Dylan O'Brien: "I am naked in the first episode."
Tyler Posey: "He's naked throughout the whole season."
Dylan O'Brien: "See, now that is not going to happen. Uh, funny thing about that. Probably won't happen."
Tyler Posey: "It'll happen."
Dylan O'Brien: "I don't think so."
Tyler Posey: "It'll definitely happen."
Fan question: "Having read the first script for season 2, where would you like your characters to go?"
Tyler Posey: "I wanna see Scott mature. And Stiles take his shirt off."
Dylan O'Brien: "Ah, Jesus. It's not happening."
Tyler Posey: "It's gonna happen this season, it's gonna happen."
{MCM London Expo- Day 2, October 2012}

*** "There is an easy chemistry between them, full of banter and they interact with the audience happily. Dylan O’Brien: 'We just met and fell in love.'He later pleased fan-girls and joked about a deleted scene where Scott and Stiles make out."
{MCM Buzz article excerpts about the UK Teen Wolf panel, October 29th, 2011}