Pretty much identical to the one done for 2011, but done for 2012 and 2013. Sadly there is much less promotion done for Teen Wolf now since it's already so popular. Interviews are much scarcer :/
Anyways, enjoy!


*** Tyler Posey: "I'm about to eat dinner. Dylan O'Brien is making me dinner. Alright, question number 4. 'Favorite Teen Wolf moment on or off set.' Uh, actually. Does this count as off set right now? What's happening right now."
Dylan O'Brien: "Yeah, off set."
Tyler Posey: "Okay, so I guess if this counts as off set like I kinda just like chillin. 'Cause we have like a pretty cool apartment. Uh, we have a lot of fun here. We have a lot of good times."
{Tyler's Interview for; January 2012}

*** Tyler Posey: "In real life Stiles is played by Dylan O'Brien. Uhh, we're best friends. We lived together shooting both the seasons, and we're basically the same guy in two different bodies. 'Cause the same guy in the same body would be weird. But yeah, Scott and Stiles have an awesome, very real, loyal, fun, funny, cute relationship. They're best friends and we try to keep it as real as possible." {Associated Press Interview, May 30 2012}

*** Interviewer: "Dylan, since you're the lonely one and you don't have a current relationship on the show, let's talk about your bromance with Tyler."
Tyler Posey: "Yay! Let's get this pillow out of here." [moves pillow that's in between him and Dylan out of the way, scoots closer, and puts his arm around Dylan]
Interviewer: "How would you describe your relationship with Tyler?"
Dylan: "In real life I'd say we're more bromantic. It's like we're literally like a married couple kind of."
Interviewer: "Tyler, what are your thoughts on your relationship with Dylan?"
Tyler: "Well, he's definitely my best buddy. We have so much fun on set. It's literally just like hanging out. We live together when we're shooting so we're always together. We've lived together for like the past two years, hey bud."
{Teen Wolf Revelations 205, August 2012}

*** Interviewer: "You don't mind if you're not making out with anyone, unless it's Tyler over here."
Tyler Posey: "Oh yeah, we' should see the deleted scenes on the new season, season 2, 'cause we have tons of making out scenes."
{Teen Wolf Revelations, August 2012}

*** Interviewer: "What do you hope happens this season?"
Tyler Posey: "I want Scott to make out with Dylan for a change."
Interviewer: "I love Dylan!"
Tyler Posey: "I love Dylan."
Interviewer: "You guys are my favorites!"
Tyler Posey: "I feel like I left the house today and I was like 'I feel like I look a lot like Dylan.'"
Interviewer: "I wanna put like a side-by-side of Dylan and you."
Tyler Posey: "Yeah, seriously. Find a picture of Dylan that looks like this and I'm pretty sure he's wearing the same exact clothes."
{HollywireTV Interview, September 26 2012}

*** Dylan O'Brien: "We're here to talk about Thanksgiving and what we're thankful for."
Tyler: "It's Thanksgiving, coming up. It's one of the best holidays ever. Not just because of the delicious food-"
Dylan: "but because you get to acknowledge all the things in life that you are truly grateful and thankful for."
Tyler: "Uh, for one I'm thankful for my buddy Dylan right here."
Dylan: "Oh, God yeah. This guy for sure."
{Tyler and Dylan Give Thanks video; November 21, 2012}


*** Dylan O'Brien: "He's like a puppy."
{Dylan and Tyler Throw Rocks; February 20, 2013}

*** Dylan O'Brien: [reading letter from fan] "'Dear Tyler Posey, you're awesome. You have silly cute eyes, and you really should wear glasses and grow a beard.' He can totally do that!"
Tyler: "I did! I've done that! That's really funny."
Dylan: "'Because that would be hot.' It is."
Tyler: "Hey!" [laughs]
*** Tyler Posey: [reading letter] "'Dear Dylan O'Brien, my hero. I really wish you have a great career ahead of you and that everyone in this world will notice how wonderful and cute you are with your sweet little moles and brown eyes.'"
Dylan: "You noticed my moles? Jeff usually CGIs those out."
Tyler: "You do have really nice cute moles."
{Cast of Teen Wolf reads fan mail to each other; March 2013}

*** Interviewer: "So, we know this season is gonna be pretty dark. What is the most difficult thing for you to shoot so far? Were there any scenes that you read that you cried about?"
Dylan: "There was me, y' and T-Pose are uh...Tyler, sorry, wow, uh. me and T-Pose-bro-Pose! Uh, y'know, we're literally best friends in real life and like it's kind of amazing how far we've come with the show y'know, it all started as like a little pilot presentation. We just met on it and it was so cool and we even both got the part and now it's just y'know the success it's at, it's so cool and we're still doing it and it's just like sometimes we just stop and talk about that, and like we had a scene this year that we haven't really had to do before together. And, me, for me, my entire acting career has been with this guy right here y'know so, so to have a scene like we had, an emotional scene, like together, like that, for us as friends, as actors, as co-workers, I think that was a really special thing for us. And it's like y'know, it's like a heavy scene. I'm basically talking him down from a ledge type thing and it's like...there's emotion that we haven't had to tap into together like kind of, and I don't know, that meant a lot to me."
{Wondercon 2013 Interview; March 30, 2013}

*** JR Bourne: "Similarities between Dylan and Stiles? They both have the same best friend."
{"What the hell is a Stiles?"; April 30, 2013}

*** Tyler Posey: "[On Stiles]He's the comic relief, he's hilarious, and he brings happiness and sexiness to the show. [On how Dylan is like Stiles] Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien's relationship is very similar to Scott and Stiles' relationship. They're super best buddies, they can talk about anything with each other."
{"What the hell is a Stiles?"; April 30, 2013}

*** Interviewer: "You and Dylan O'Brien, good friends."
Tyler Posey: "That's right, my best friend."
Interviewer: "Is there anything about him you can tell us that not many people would know or would be surprised to know?"
Tyler: "We're probably gonna be each other's best mans at each other's weddings."
Interviewer: "Have you already planned it out and everything?"
Tyler: "No, not really. We just kind of talked about it one night in our hotel room."
Interviewer: "Aww, that's so cute."
Tyler: "We were snuggling and watching a movie and popcorn, pillow, and feathers were flying everywhere."
{HollywireTV Interview; May 11, 2013}

*** "Posey concedes that he's teasing O'Brien only because he misses him. 'We have been away from each other before,' he pines, all drama. 'But he's gone and I miss him a lot. We can handle this. I think I'm probably gonna go visit him.'
{Yahoo!TV Article; May 24, 2013}

*** Tyler Posey: "Dylan is my best bud on set. Dylan and I have been through a lot together and have gotten in trouble a butt load of times. One time when we were living together we left the set during lunch time to eat at our house and we fell asleep and production had to call us to wake us up!"
{Status Magazine May 2013 Issue}

*** Q. Hi Jeff, I was wondering if the special handshake/high-five at the beginning of Chaos Rising was a Scott and Stiles thing or a Tyler and Dylan thing? thanks!
A. That was a Tyler/Dylan thing! A pretty fun improv.
{Official Teen Wolf Tumblr Q&A with Jeff Davis; June16, 2013}

*** Comic Con Questioner: "Speaking of Motel California, I would be remiss if I didn't just take a minute to commend Dylan's performance on that final scene.Dylan, what did you like about what that scene meant for Stiles?"
Dylan: "I always answer it as myself because that was such a Dylan/Tyler moment kind of first, for us. It was almost like the characters came second there and that was kind of like the biggest thing we've had to do as actors."
{San Diego Comic Con; July 18, 2013}

*** [on hopes for Stiles] Dylan: "No, I'm satisfied. But sex, the sex needs to happen."
Tyler: "I'll have sex with you, Dylan."
{San Diego Comic Con; July 18, 2013}

*** @graceffanyas: If you could only work with one actor for the rest of your career who would it be?
Dylan: "That’s a really tough question because you want to pick somebody who it’s your dream to attempt working with and have the pleasure of even saying a line to. For me that’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. Those guys I absolutely worshiped growing up. Robert De Niro. Certain people who I just would be so honored to even be considered to act opposite. Then the whole working with them the rest of your life, you don’t know if they’re crazy, you want to pick someone you know. That would be Tyler Posey."
{ Twitter Q&A; August 5, 2013}