it was the end of the day,Naruto went with a date with Hinata in secret and Kakashi was relaxing.So Sasuke was left with Sakura.Sakura had love for Sasuke but knew Sasuke would not like her back.While Sakura was walking by the Ramen shop to go buy some ramen for Naruto but Sakura saw Naruto kissing with Hinata.Sakura was so shocked she ran crying into a forest.Sasuke was practicing his jitsu like always and heard Sakura cring he went to her,and Sakura ran to sob on his shoulder.Normaly Sasuke would push her away but in this case he didnt and ask her why she was crying.Sakura replied that Naruto was kissing Hinata. Sasuke said "And thats why your crying!?" "yes" repiled Sakura.Sasuke said "You dont need Naruto you can get another boyfriend." "like who" said saukara.There was slience.The minutes seemed to pass like hours.Finally Sasuke kissed Sakura and walked away blushing.This was the best day ever in Sakura life.

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The next day Sakura had the biggest grin on her face when she went to her Squad.Naruto,Kakashi and Sasuke wondered why she had a huge grin on her face."Hey sakura whats with the stupid grin on your face?"Naruto said.Sakura completely ignored Naruto, remembering what happened yesterday.Naruto was completely stunned and and eyed her suspiciously."Saaasssukkee-kun~ I brought you some
Onigiri.I made especially for you"Sakura said.Sakura gave Sasuke a the neatly wrapped pink heart shaped bento box."Im not hungry yet."Sasuke responded "Well I'll keep it till you get hungry kay!"Sasuke blushed slightly at the tone of her voice.Kakashi had watched everything from the back .Kakashi thought mabey,just mabey Sakura likes Sasuke.He chuckled to himself at the thought of that.Naruto had notice that Sakura has been to lovey dovey to Sasuke and was annoyed."I dont understand what does Sasuke have that i dont!!"Naruto thought.Sakura noticed Naruto's frustration"You know Naruto I came by the ramen shop yesterday to buy you some ramen..."Sakura's voice rising higher,"You know what I saw?I saw someone I know kissing a girl."Sakura almost screaming,"guess who it is!" Sakura was fighting back tears."Neji and Hinata?I didnt know Neji was important to you." Sakura did a faceplam.She forgot that Naruto was super dense."Nevermind.forget it.Naruto is super dense."Sakura murmured.Sasuke laughed to himself quietly,"Wow what an idiot Naruto is."He thought."I think we had enough fun already lets get to business."Kakashi said "AHH!"Naruto and Sakura "Dont scare us like that sensei!"Sakura scoleded at him."You scared the crap out of me,i totally forgot you were here!."Naruto said."Hehe
the faces you put on were very amusing to see.Well anyways we have a important mission today.B ranked.You will have to beat a ninja who works with the Akatsuki.His name is Katsuo.He is currently at the Hidden village of Rock."Kakashi explained