I ventured out on this fanfiction, which is still in progress...its Betty/Connor :)

A/N: Okay so this fan fiction is a little random and I know it would never happen, but I always wanted to read a Connor/Betty fanfic and since nobody else would write it I decided to…hope you enjoy!

Funny Seeing You Here

“Mija, I just don’t feel like it is safe for you to go off to Paris by yourself, even if it is for work.” Ignacio stated still worried that she would be alone.

“Papi, you worry too much. I will be fine, and I will only be alone for the first two weeks, because that is my vacation time, but then Daniel will come when it gets closer to the show.” Betty smiled trying very much to calm down her father, though she had to admit she herself was a bit frightened.

“Why can’t Daniel go with you now?”

“Because it is my vacation, not his. And besides he wants to spend as much time with Molly as he can, and the doctors don’t want her to fly right now.” She said embracing her father with a quick hug. At that moment the cab driver honked his horn signaling his arrival at the residence.

“Well I got to go Papi, love you! Tell Hilda and Justin I love them too, I will call you when I get there if I can.” she smiled waving goodbye.


Betty couldn’t believe her eyes when she stepped off the plane and into Paris. It was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, more so than she had ever imagined it would or even could be. The lights are what took her by surprise the most. It was so bright, but in a different way than New York, it was a different kind of astonishing light, an almost subtler kind.

Betty found herself staring out the window as her driver took her to the hotel in which she was to stay. She wondered what kind of hotel it would end up being since Daniel had refused to let her and booked it himself. She assumed he wanted to surprise her with some nice extravagant hotel, the kind stars like Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor stayed in back in the day. So she was equally surprised and excited when she discovered that the hotel he had booked for her was really and old inn, the kind she had been reading those books about before she knew for sure if she was going or not. She made a mental note to thank him when he arrived.

Her room was beautiful and had an extraordinary view of the Eiffel Tower. She smiled and decided to make right on her word and call home. When she had assured her Dad she was fine, she decided to call Daniel.

“Daniel Meade.” he answered in what she always joked was his ‘work voice’.

“Betty Suarez.” she smiled.

“Hey Betty, you got there okay huh?! So how are you liking Paris?” he stated glancing over at Molly who was watching Bones, and giving her a reassuring smile.

“Oh Daniel it is so amazing, the most beautiful place on Earth!” she squealed.

“You haven’t seen Greece, that is like heaven.” he smiled through the phone.

“Maybe one day I’ll see it and tell you if I agree, for now though Paris is definitely good enough for me!” she squeaked again. Daniel would be willing to bet money she was jumping up and down, and if somebody had gotten in her way they had probably gotten a free hug today.

“I’m glad, so how do you like the accommodations?!”

“Oh my gosh Daniel, they are incredible! Thank you so much for this, I will never be able to repay you.”

“Betty, please, you have already more than repaid me, if anybody owes anybody something in this its me, so just have fun. And watch out for those French men, they are charming and sneaky, don’t let yourself be fooled by their ‘cute’ accents.” he stated, like Ignacio, not feeling too comfortable that Betty was in a foreign land alone.

“I won’t, I promise.” she stated smiling against the receiver, what was it with men and their need to protect?!

“Well good night, Betty, have a great time. See you soon!”

“Good night, Daniel, see you.” she said hanging up the receiver and going off to bed. Tomorrow she was going site seeing and it was going to be a long day. Little did she know how eventful the next day was going to be.


Betty walked into the little diner down the street from her hotel room. She smiled at the little French boy who reminded her so much of DJ, if he had been around five. She had promised DJ they would go see him when Daniel arrived. She was actually excited about it, she missed that kid more than she thought she would. It was almost like having Daniel around at that age. She laughed thinking about how bad Daniel must have been at that age, kids who are as adorable as he was and have money, never get properly disciplined. Betty was so caught up in her amusing dream that she didn’t even notice him sitting in the corner of the café looking at her attentively, waiting for the right moment to approach her. Once Betty had gotten her coffee, she decided to go to the veranda to drink it so she could observe the city passing her by. When she arrived she noticed she was alone out there, something that didn’t phase her because she had gotten up quite early and the French perhaps were late sleepers. She didn’t even notice him following her outside until she felt someone lean into her from where she stood overlooking the river. She turned around quickly frightened and was shocked by who she saw looking down at her from only a few inches away, with a slightly unnerving grin.

“Connor?!” she squeaked with complete and utter surprise and fear. He merely smiled.

“It’s good to see you again, Betty.” he said in that accent of his that had at first made Betty a little weak in the knees if she was being honest.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be hiding out from the cops?” she questioned slightly afraid.

“That’s why I’m in Paris, Betty, honestly a smart girl like yourself should know that. They wouldn’t expect to find me here, besides I’ve got a lot of friends in law enforcement here, makes it easier. The real question is why are you here?” he stated raising an eyebrow as if to emphasize the impossibility of their meeting.

“I’m on vacation.” she said quickly.

“You can’t afford to vacation in Paris, let me guess, knight in shining armor Daniel Meade, is paying for this for you, even though, rumor has it, he can’t even barely pay to keep the magazine afloat now a days.” Connor smiled at this, like he felt a sense of accomplishment knowing his former 'friend' was struggling.

“Actually the magazine has turned around and is making quite a lot of money, thanks to Daniel and Wilhelmina financing it with their own money, we managed to stick it out, and now we are on our way back to the top.” Betty noticed a slight reaction at Wilhelmina’s name, but it was gone almost as quickly as it had arrived.

“Danny Meade saves the day once again huh?” Connor stated bitterly.

“Connor I know Daniel stole Molly from you and that makes you mad, but why do you have to be so mean to him. He really is sorry for that.” Betty stated, once again attempting to fix a problem. One that was at this point beyond repair.

“Betty, I’m not mad at Daniel for stealing Molly. I have hated men like Daniel Meade long before any girl got in the way. It is the way these people act, like they are better than you, like you aren’t fit to spit on their shoes, one day I got sick of it and decided to do something about it, if that makes me a bad guy than so be it, but let me tell you if I go to hell I'll be seeing a lot of them there with me.” Connor stated getting closer to Betty while he spoke.

“Daniel isn’t like that you haven’t known him in a long time, he's changed.” Betty argued, but she wasn’t sure how effective it was, Connor was now so close that he had scooted her into the railing and was mere inches away from her, his body pressed up against hers.

“He hasn’t changed very much. Think about it, how great of a guy can he be if he stole his friends fiancée. I know you want to believe the best in him, but its time you stopped seeing the potential and starting seeing the reality of it. Betty you are a nice girl, so I feel like I should warn you, get out while you can. This industry, these people, they can turn you into somebody you don’t want to be.”

“Not to be mean, but why would I take advice from you. You framed me for embezzlement, threatened my family and my best friend, and tried to ruin my life.” she stated her voice getting a little louder and her face getting a little bit closer to his.

“Because believe it or not, I use to be just like you.” he whispered, now so close to her lips that she felt the rush of air that escaped at his words. And then he walked away. He just left. Betty stood there for a moment dazed and confused by what had just occurred. She had run into Connor, and she hadn’t yelled or called the police like she thought she would. He hadn’t kidnapped her or threatened her like she expected either, but rather warned her. Told her to get out before she turned into one of them. Betty wasn’t sure what was going on, the only thing she was certain of was that she needed to speak to him again. And she wasn’t entirely sure why.

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