This week concluded link’s run on Thursday nights with bringing out loads of stars from thelink finale and a whole lot of confusion with many things happening and then “unhappening” and then re-happening again but the most important is how stupid Betty can be sometimes and how much Daniel has changed since the premiere episode a few years back. The whole episode looks rather manipulative, Betty has a job! Betty doesn’t have a job. Betty is promoted! Betty isn’t promoted. Betty is in love! Betty isn’t in love, Betty’s sort of in love. The threat of Molly’s death although being slightly predictable makes people cry.

Molly doesn’t die after last week’s suspense. After she comes out of hospital whole world is infatuated with her bond with Daniel. He is no longer a male-whore but has become the Prince Charming. He gets on to the promotion of the wedding issue “The View”.

Matt comes in with his first painting which is ugly. The hilarious part is when Amanda sees the painting and says-“It’s like looking at the Butt of Satan”. When Betty talks to Matt about moving in together, she spots Henry. She starts stalking Henry in his Facebook which is funny and irritating. Matt’s making his stomach talk is awesome but he is driving everybody nuts by getting mad at Betty all the time. But Matt’s getting angry is justified because Betty has made up with Henry.

Baranski and Vanessa singing together at the piano is brilliant. Baranski exposes that Claire has a love child which leave audiences guessing it could be Matt.

Who does Willi see in the end? Connor! And does Daniel really see Molly’s ghost? Are Matt and Betty destined to be together? Has anyone seen evil Matt coming, either? I hope everybody knows he’s going to be so awful next season.

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