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List by waichingliu81 posted over a year ago
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Here are (my) 10 reasons why Ugly Betty shouldn't be and may I add also, doesn't deserve to be cancelled in no particular order:

1) It is one of the few shows which has a worldwide fan base as big as it has already- from the US to the likes of Australia, UK, South Africa, China to name Ugly Betty's appeal is massive.

2) Despite falling ratings for season 3, and criticisms from some ex- Ugly Betty fans, most notably from the Benry and Getty quarters, it is actually a definite improvement over season 2, of which I didn't have much hope for, the longer it went on.

3)It is the only show I tune into on a regular basis; there hasn't been a show that has gripped me and appealed to me more, since Caroline in the city as I was a fan of that show beforehand

4) Two words: marc and amanda- perfectly played by michael urie and becki newton.

5) I cannot think of a better cast of actors than the ones we have on this show to play the likes of betty, daniel, marc, amanda, christina and willie than in america, eric, michael, becki, ashley and vanessa.
Fan fiction by BeSafe posted over a year ago
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Hey guys so I wrote this fanfiction a while back and I figured mabye some other Detty fans out there might want to read it...:)

I'm TeeFly on, and so here is the first chapter and the link to what was my first Detty fanfiction, Be Careful What You Wish For...hope you enjoy!!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Ugly Betty or any of the characters,but I sure wouldn't mind if someone decided to give them to me. Anyway please don't sue cause I have no money!!!!

Authors Note: Its taken me awhile to finally put to words this story. It has “magic” I reckon you would call it inside so if that isn’t what floats your boat…you get the idea. If so please read and review…it makes my day!!!

Shooting Star?!

Daniel strode out of the office building in which he worked, the same office his father had built from scratch some thirty odd years before. The fact that he was a part of that legacy had always given him a sense of pride and accomplishment but on this particular night it only made him feel lost and alone.
Article by waichingliu81 posted over a year ago
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As a television show, Ugly Betty has been a worldwide success. From its original columbian telenovela: 'Betty Le Fea', the show has spanned various international versions of this comedy. The most well known incarnation that is televised in the Western world is the US's Ugly Betty.

But what attracts viewers and fans especially to Ugly Betty per se isn't just the humour and the drama aspects of this series but the characters, storylines and situations.

These characters, storylines, situations all deal with and explore themes and concepts relating to culture and identity.

From Marc's sexuality to Betty's attempts to fit into a society, of which at the same time she is trying to maintain her cultural and ethnic roots. And it isn't just Marc and Betty: the other characters are also somewhat (cultural) stereotypes of what people perceive as the 'norm' in society- the so called bitchy (and dumb) blonde in Amanda, ladies man Daniel who has a habit in sleeping with women; the Scot Christina, the transsexual Alexis- Daniel's sister, who used to be a guy up until he had the sex change and became a 'she'; teen Justin's (blantant and) implied homosexual...