Ugly Betty Mode After Hours - Breaking the Band - I LOVED IT!

detty4ever posted on Apr 10, 2009 at 10:13AM
So, I just saw the new "Mode after hours" and it was awesome! I enjoyed it sooo much!! These two have great chemistry!

Is it just me or Marc seemed to be less gay than ever??? He was so masculine at some points!I got very surpised by that!

I'm starting to believe that there is a strong possibility for Marc and Amanda to hook up after all!Who knows...

Here's the link: link
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over a year ago waichingliu81 said…
detty4ever- i'm glad you're not the only one in favour of a Mamanda ship'. i loved this episode too, and it was so freaking funny i couldn't stop laughing throughout.

also, marc's dress sense has changed somewhat- nowadays he looks and acts more masculine and less feminine than he did back in season 1 for example. i loved his outfit and his hair, though it's not just marc, but amanda as well and i noticed that those two, ever since that kiss in the kissed off episode have become more and more closer than before.

remember the scene in the mode after hours ep, 'big package' where marc and amanda were about to hug each other and yet she falls on top of him and makes out with marc, thinking he is daniel?! LOL!

and not you're not the only one who thinks that marc and amanda will or could end up with each other. i ship them a lot myself and so, i wouldn't bet against the idea at all. even if marc is indeed gay.
over a year ago detty4ever said…
I started to think about this ship, after their kiss in "kissed off", cause I was very surprised when I saw how much Marc enjoyed it!
Before that, I was thinking that he could kiss only guys with such an excitement!
But even after this,I wasn't so sure if I wanted to see those two together..
The Mode After Hours episodes however, definitely made me lean towards that direction!
Of course, I'm not saynig that Marc stopped being gay, but it is for sure that he's attracted to Amanda!Maybe he needs to explore his sexuality more, cause I also feel that after their make out in the show, they are closer than ever!
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over a year ago Pinkcentrina said…
Okay I seriously love you both. I couldn't agree more, I'm a huge Marc/Amanda shipper even if it is only as friends. This webisode was amazing, they both looked so good as "rockers". They do seem even closer than before and I hope something happens with them.
over a year ago waichingliu81 said…
pinkcentrina- glad you're another marc and amanda shipper', hurrah for that :) ! i do hope something happens with both marc and amanda with regards to their friendship and later becoming something more than friends. and yes, detty4ever, the mode after hours episodes of late have given us hints as to where their ship is heading. i know people have been saying that marc and amanda cannot get together because he is gay- but come on? if he is supposed to be gay, then what's with him kissing amanda in the kissed off episode, and amanda making out with marc in the big package ep from mode after hours? also in the sugar daddy ep, where marc is grasping one of her hands. if these aren't signs that they could end up together as a potential ship i don't know what is.

and i wouldn't be too surprised if we see more moments where marc and amanda are kissing or making out with each other. i'd love to see them get together on screen.
over a year ago MarcStJames said…
I totally agree. I'd love to see them together. At first I wasn't sure 'cause I thought Marc just wouldn't be himself if he wasn't so flamboyantly gay, but... more and more I'm leaning towards the Marc/Amanda ship.