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Banana Split Song

The small town of Latrobe has been declared the national marker for the "Home of the Banana Split". This is my song in honor of this event.

Raci - Blue roses falling cover

Blue roses falling - jake shimabukuro

Brian Vasquez and Lava Jam

I found this Video of this guy on you tube all I can say is Damn!

Música no Ukulele (Ukulele Song) - EWBSCP

Instruments: Ukulele, drums, grater, tambourine, acoustic guitar, snare drum, manjira, bass and matófono.

Jody Kamisato's basic ukulele lesson "White Sandy Beach"

Beginner's lesson, but will have you playing a song in 10 minutes!

Jake Shimabukuro: "Let's Dance"

Jake plays his own flamenco-influenced song, "Let's Dance" on a Chicago TV show.

n.y. uke fest farewell - bosko and honey

3 am after the final night of the 2007 n.y. uke fest at 8th ave station on the L line before honey and bosko were to fly off to perform in japan.

Trailer: 'The Jumping Flea' (Ukulele Documentary)

A new movie about the ukulele, The Jumping Flea-Tales of the Modern Ukulele, explores the history, players, and builders of the modern uke. Film is by Paul Kraus. Official site is
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Sesame Street: Broken Ukulele Sketch

Ernie helps a Sad Blue Monster fix his broken ukulele. Not much ukulele playing in this clip, but it's very cute.

Eddie Vedder: Plays 'Soon Forget' on the Ukulele

His ukulele skills probably need a little work. Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam frontman, tries to play the riff from Black Sabbath's Iron Man and then jumps into a ukulele-accompanied rendition of Soon Forget. Recorded live at a concert in Reading England.
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