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Poppy Montgomery previews the season finale of "Unforgettable"

Unforgettable - 1.22 "Could you live here again?"

Unforgettable - 1.22 "I wanna stay with you tonight."

Unforgettable - 1.22 "Remember this place?"

Unforgettable - Trailer/Promo - 1x02 - Heroes - Tuesday 09/27/11 - On CBS

Carrie and Al - "It'll be an adventure"

Unforgettable - Extended Preview

Unforgettable - Season 4 - Trailer

Unforgettable - Trailer/Promo - New Series - Tuesdays this Fall - On CBS

Unforgettable - Trailer/Promo - Tuesdays this Fall - On CBS - HD

Unforgettable - Tuesdays this Fall - On CBS - HD

Unforgettable 1x20 - "You Are Here" Promo (HD)

Unforgettable 1x22 - Season Finale Promo

Unforgettable- 1x21- Endgame- Sneak Peek

Unforgettable: Meet Carrie Wells

Unforgettable: New Season Premieres Friday November 27 | A&E

Unforgettable: You Ask, They Tell: Poppy Montgomery

Actress Poppy Montgomery on "Unforgettable"

Al&Carrie | so done with wishing, you were still here..

Carrie&Al | I'm over you

Don't Quit [Carrie Wells]

Poppy Montgomery - Unforgettable *Interview (Feb.28/12)

Poppy Montgomery in "Good Day NY" - 9-20-2011

Stars of 'Unforgettable' talk show

Unforgettable - 1x17 - Promo

Unforgettable - Behind the Scenes: "Season 2 Premier

Unforgettable - Bigtime (Sneak Peek)

Unforgettable - Day of the Jackie 2x03 (Preview)

Unforgettable - Day of the Jackie 2x03- (Sneak Peek 2)

Unforgettable - Day of the Jackie 2x03- (Sneak Peek)

Unforgettable - Incognito 2x02- (Preview)

Unforgettable - Made In New York

Unforgettable - Memory Kings 2x04- (Preview)

Unforgettable - Til Death (Preview)

Unforgettable 1x18 - "The Comeback" Promo (HD)

Unforgettable | the sun must set to rise..

Unforgettable: Carrie and Al Catch Up

Unforgettable: Carrie's Luck Runs Out

Unforgettable: Carrie's Poker Face