3.12.2011 well in new zealand it's 4,12.2011
my Nana went to america a couple of weeks ago long ago and she came back today so's he had to skip times she would of been tired because she would've got from 1.30a.m (america) to 7.20pm (new zealand) and from 3rd of December (america) to 4th of December (new zealand) so she must of been tried as well she was over on the queen Mary and came to america. when she was over there she brought things for my familey's for christmas. when she was over there u said it was winter it was so cold freezing of course cause it's summer in new zealand and winter over there she said there were snow on the hills so today when she came back she brought our christmas presents and passed it on to my grandad who was at sailing with my dad so he passed it on to dad and dad passed it on to us my sister (alicia) got a nice pretty blue bracerlett and a matching ring also a key ring saying her name on a hollywood star. my other sister (ariana) got the same but red and not a hollywood key chain but a solar light key chain the glows from the sun . my dad got a t-shirt and my mum got a sex in the city set with purfumes and a nice soap and a mini purfume and creams. i got a bratz purfume and 3 little rings with cat heads on them fluffy ones and a queen mary pen the boat moves in a little water down the side hard to explain aswell as a hallo kitty necklace $20.00