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Guide by vagos posted over a year ago
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On the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe (Beitbridge), just south of the Limpopo one can find the picturesque town of Louis Trichart in the mountainous area of the Soutpansberg. On a recent trip back from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe we visited this area as well as the Njelele valley (close to Toyandou town) in the neighbouring Venda. This geographical area is blessed with a rich historical background full of legends and myths and is one of a few remaining unspoilt areas of South Africa. Today, the history is still evident in the names of the two major towns in the area namely Louis Trichard that was named after a Voortrekker leader and Thoyandou after a historical chief of the VhaVenda nation.

On our arrival in Louis Trichard, we were welcomed by Marius Gilfillan from Carousel Lodge who accompanied us into the SAFCOR forestry area from where the famous Hanglip (previously called Hangklip) could be viewed. We visited the Hanglip Picnic site and Motane forest where all the trees are marked for the visitors information. Several hiking trails winds its way through this indigenous forest while Marius also runs several horse trails through this specific area. This...
List by queen_gina posted over a year ago
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1. Ο ορατός: Κοίτα ένα μαλάκα.
2. Ο τεφάλ: Ξεκόλλα ρε μαλάκα.
3. Ο ακίνητος: Έμεινε μαλάκας.
4. Ο αδιόρθωτος: Πάλι ρε μαλάκα;
5. Ο επώνυμος: Ο γνωστός μαλάκας.
6. Ο νυχτωμένος: ... ξύπνα μαλάκα.
7. Ο χαμένος: Που είσαι ρε... μαλάκα;
8. Ο φευγάτος: Την έκανε ο μαλάκας.
9. Ο βαθμοφόρος: O αρχιμαλάκας.
10. Ο αμφίβολος: Καλά, είναι μαλάκας;
11. Ο ευρεσιτέχνης: Μαλάκας με πατέντα.
12. Ο εμετικός: Τα ξέρασε όλα ο μαλάκας.
13. Ο καλοδεχούμενος: Καλώς τον μαλάκα.
14. Ο εξακριβωμένος: Είναι τελικά μαλάκας.
15. Ο επιρρεπής: Μη γίνεσαι μαλάκας τώρα.
16. Ο εκνευριστικός: Άει γαμήσου ρε μαλάκα.
17. Ο ανεκδιήγητος: Δεν περιγράφεσαι ρε...
Opinion by vagos posted over a year ago
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Probably the single greatest asset which anyone can ever have in conversations is the ability to make other people laugh.

Whether you are asking your boss for a raise, talking to someone who you like, or just trying to be the popular person who everyone wants to be around, you will get light years ahead if only you can make them laugh.

An interesting, but little known fact is that laughter is a response which is a subconscious way of saying to someone else "I want to bond with you". Is it any wonder that countless surveys have shown that the number one desired characteristic in the opposite sex, for both sexes, is a sense of humour.

But can someone actually learn to be funny? Do you have to be born with a particular natural talent for humour, which if you don't have, there's no chance for you? Are some people permanently condemned to a lifetime of boredom and unpopularity, never able to hold their own in a conversation, while the 'natural funny guys' effortlessly take the approval of everyone present? Is there a secret to being funny?