Valentine's Day Do you love Valentine's day?

Pick one:
Yup. It's cool.
Naw, it sucks. Nobody loves me.:(
Umm, idk it's Valentine's Day.
it's what my life revolves around :3
Added by GigglesLugo
I love it but my hubby doesn't so it's never anything special really
Added by pmmom38
I love it when I have a boyfriend to celebrate it with.
Added by RnBStar13
It&# 39; s okay but I don&# 39; t have anyone to celebrate it...
It's okay but I don't have anyone to celebrate it with since I don't have a crush
Added by MephadowFan1
I love Valentine's Day!
Added by BJsRealm
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 moolah posted over a year ago
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