recently: dimitri said that they should all go to baia together

"what?" said rose. dimitri repeated that he thinks that they should all go to baia together. rose took a deep breath. she still hadnt told dimitri about his sister almost becoming a blood whore. "ok, this might sound really weird and its even harder for me to say this but....i kinda got kicked outta ur house when i went there." dimitri stared at her shocked. "because...." he prompted.
"because Viktoria and rolan were in a relationship sort of and i kinda made them break up."
"because..." he repeated
"because.......she was going to become a blood whore.
dimitri didnt say anything. he just stared. after a long 2 mins, he asked "any other reason?" rose replied and explained about Yeva telling her to go.
Now in my story, dimitri never became a strigoi. he just left to kill the other people that were in the attack and turned strigoi. he had the same intention as rose that that would free them from evil soul. during that time, rose was so hurt, she didnt eat, study well or do anything really except for living a miserable life. that was when she pulled out of the school and went to find him because she said that the only way that she would get good grades to graduate is if she lived a happy life again.
when dimitri recovered from his daze of confusion, he walked over to the phone and booked six first class tickets to Novosibirsk on tommorows flight. after a bit more conversation about general things and bombarding dimitri with questions about what type of clothing they should take, where they were goiong to stay, how long they were staying etc. everyone retreated to their rooms to pack. lissa and christian went back to their own house with baby adrian. rose went upstairs to adrian's room while dimitri got the suitcases from the storage room downstairs.
she tapped on the door lightly. adrian opened the door. he looked tired and he had messed up hair. clearly, he had been drinking. he let rose in and explained that deirdre had gone to help lissa and christian with the baby while they packed. rose walked into the room. "what's wrong?" she asked. "you wouldnt believe me if i said" he replied. rose held his hand "try me" she said. he took a deep breath and the words rushed out of his mouth. "I'm lissa's brother................" more will be coming soon and if ur thinking "WTH?" right now then i will explain what is going on i promise :)