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The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: Vampire academy
Vampire academy
house of night
The fans pick: all of the above :)
all of the above :)
The fans pick: yes! i hate that stupid crap
yes! i hate that stupid crap
Twilight&# 39; s okay.
The fans pick: Shell of course!! Shes so smart and her imagination is wild i got lots of Q's!
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2 fans answered this question
26 fans answered this question
12 fans answered this question
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Vampire Academy VS Twilight Wall

Aimee369 said …
Join the VA movie spot! link Posted over a year ago
Winterose commented…
already did over a year ago
potterchicwild5 said …
ot hard at all. Vampie academy is the better choice for me. An_Davis9890, if twilight didn't make you cry, than tell me what emotions you felt with it? When i read it i felt sleepy. When i read VA it was like an emotion cpoaster, and those are often the better books. The ones that you do cry with, or laugh with. Becuse your FEELING something. Overall though,i like VA Better becuse the charries were more develped, it was a way better plot, and more realistic. Plus you get to see how rose changes Posted over a year ago
an_davis9890 said …
this isnt even a hard choice....i like twilight and read them all but i LOVE VA i have read the whole series four times....cant get twilight never made me cry.....VA made me cry like five times...... Posted over a year ago
sroushel commented…
ood over a year ago