Don't get me wrong, I like Dimtri and Rose together, but I kinda think that Adrian is the better choice for Rose.

If Dimitri and Rose were end game it's like saying it's okay for a teacher and pupil to be together, not to mention Dimitri hasn't really treated Rose well.

He treated her horribely in the first two books because of the age difference and it being forbidden and only acknowledged his feelings in the third book.

Then in the fourth book he was strigoi and you know what happened.

In Spirit Bound he refused to see her because of what happened in the fourth book.

I just think he has caused nothing but pain for Rose. They haven't really been happy together EVER and I think that Adrian is the better choice for her because he actually understands her. Yeah at first he just wanted to get her into bed, but then he genuinely started to care for her and has helped her out so much. Remember he gave her the money to Rose to search for Dimitri, he kept track of whether she was alright by visiting her in her dreams etc.

I also think it would make more sense for Adrian and Rose to be end game. He is also around the same age as her.

So anyway, I will stop now lol because otherwise I will end up in a larger essay as to why I think it would be better if Adrian and Rose were end game and just get to the point. If you want Dimitri and Rose to be end game, why exactly? Please can you tell me some valid reasons as to why? Also, sorry if this question has been asked before, I'm really curious! lol...xD

I really hope someone answers because I don't know how dead this spot might be? lol...xD