Vampire Academy Last One Standing (Game)

svgirl posted on Feb 02, 2010 at 11:20AM
Instructions: Each character starts off with 5 points, you pick your favorite and least favorite character off the list of people left and you give the character you like most 1 point and you take a point away from the character you like least. The last character left wins.

Rules: You can not go more than one time in a row unless its been 24 hours since you last went and try not to pick the same 2 characters over and over. Once a character has 0 more points please take that character off the list. I'll try to put up the order of the characters that were booted off so we have 1st place and so on.

Now lets play. I'll start.

Characters Left:
5 Rose
5 Lissa
5 Dimitri
6 Adrian +1
5 Christian
5 Victor
5 Mason
5 Mia
5 Eddie
5 Janine
5 Natalie
5 Abe
4 Avery -1
5 Tasha
5 Jill
5 Tatiana
5 Sydney
5 Viktoria


(Updated June 22nd)
Just ignore this below if its confusing (I don't always make sense)But this isn't that important while the game is still active.

Right now twelve characters are out so I will post the order of favorite characters (This goes from least favorite to favorite)and characters still in the game are not on here:

18th Tatiana
17th Avery
16th Victor
15th Natalie
14th Tasha
13th Sydney
12th Viktoria
11th Janine
10th Jill
9th Mason
8th Abe
7th Eddie
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