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Rose Hathaway + Dimitri Bielikov | INVINCIBLE | Vampire Academy

I think that this song suits them very much! But, I'm a little disappointed. For me only cute, nice, lovely scene with them was their last scene. But while I was reading books I fall in love with them, so I decided to give them a chance in movie :D

Vampire Academy Girls || Cannibal

WATCH IN HD!! I just had to use this song with them. I hope that I don't have to explain why :D if you like it please rate, comment and subscribe my channel :*

Vampire Academy | I Can't Stay Away

Dominic Sherwood on Frostbite

Danila Kozlovsky on Frostbite

Dimitri and Rose /skillet- Not Gonna Die/

Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film (Pitch Video)

Dimitri & Rose | I just want you

Lissa & Christian - Burn

Dimitri & Rose; DNA

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