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Vampire Academy: Frostbite

Vampire Academy - Dark Horse

Sparks Fly | Lissa + Christian

Lissa ♥ Christian • Incredible

Lissa ♥ Christian │ Underneath

Christian & Lissa | don't stop.

Rose Hathaway + Dimitri Bielikov | INVINCIBLE | Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy Girls || Cannibal

Vampire Academy | I Can't Stay Away

Dominic Sherwood on Frostbite

Danila Kozlovsky on Frostbite

Dimitri and Rose /skillet- Not Gonna Die/

Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film (Pitch Video)

Dimitri & Rose | I just want you

Lissa & Christian - Burn

Dimitri & Rose; DNA

Vampire Academy - Let Us Burn

Zoey and Lucy playing Bite, Protect, Avoid on ABC3

Vampire Academy Chinese Trailer and BTS

Zoey Deutch & Lucy Fry Talk Biting Brad Pitt, Girl Power and Vampire Academy

New video message from Zoey and Lucy to Australian fans

Lucy Fry Interview with Maria Salas

Watch BigPond Movies Interviewing Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry

Russian T.V Show Talks Vampire Academy with Danila Kozlovsky

Zoey Deutch greets fans

FNL Connects with Zoey Deutch at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week FW14

Vampire Academy Featurette

Vampire Academy Showreel

Lucy Fry Message to the Fans at Vampire Academy Premiere Night in Australia

VA Sydney Fan Event with Zoey and Lucy.

VA Sydney Fan Event with Zoey and Lucy -

VA Sydney Fan Event with Zoey and Lucy

Why We Love Vampire Academy

Preview of Dominic Sherwood for Wonderland Magazine and BAFTA

Rotten Tomatoes Interview with Dom, Zoey, Lucy, and Sarah

Danila Kozlovsky VA Interview

Young Hollywood Interview with Zoey, Dominic, and Lucy

Lucy Fry talks Getting into Character for "Vampire Academy"

Erin Sitt Interviews Zoey, Lucy, and Dom from Promo Tour

Vampire Academy Fans Cover the Premiere

Vampire Academy Behind The Scenes

Zoey Deutch - Vampire Academy Set Interviews

Danila Kozlovsky - Vampire Academy Set Interviews

Richelle Mead - Vampire Academy Set Interviews

Dominic Sherwood - Vampire Academy Set Interviews

Lucy Fry - Vampire Academy Set Interviews

Cameron Monaghan - Vampire Academy Set Interviews

Sarah Hyland - Vampire Academy Set Interviews

Olga Kurylenko - Vampire Academy Set Interviews

Joely Richardson - Vampire Academy Set Interviews