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posted by Dimka_Roza_4eva
Chapter One

The forest air was clean and the night sky clear. I padded through the forest, took a deep breath and could smell the different flowers starting to open up for their suns morning rays. The birds started their individual calls. Individual. Something my kind try not to be. From an early age I was taught to follow rules, instructions and never ask questions but that soon changed for me. While my family went hunting, I stayed home and studied all different subjects. My family and the villagers are omnivores (but mostly consume meat) while I'm the only herbivore in known Lykeian history. Juat outside of Dublin is a gate -or you could call it a portal- that takes you to my home, Aistriu tir faolchu (Shifting wolf country). Don't bother looking on a map for it isn't there, for you see my homeland is in the land of The Mieth. The Mieth is the only place were dragons, demons, valmpy, lykeians and any other 'mythical' creature can live without being hunt- a twig snapping in the distance broke my musings. I closed my eyes and heard four sets of paws pounding against the ground. Heavey paws, so they must be young. I concertrated on using my aura to see the lykeians. thre lyke and a single lyka. It's almost like my family. I have a sister and three brothers whom all want possesion of the crown. The crown I can't seem to get rid of no matter how pissed off my father gets at me or how far I go. When mother found out I was never coming back she sent out an alarm to all the following lykeians that 'their furture king must be found' but the only thing is I was never missing. I also don't want to be found. With my eyes still closed I walked silently away to the little cottage I'm staying in. My nose nudged the door open and when I was inside my hind leg kicked it closed. I let out a little groan as I went up the stairs to the master bedroom. At the door frame I lept into the air above my bed and shifted back. My head turned to the phone at the side table.