Author's Note:Hi! This is a Vampire Kisses Fanfiction. It is about Jagger finally getting what he wants:Raven. But don't get discouraged, Alexander fans. Alexander will be in this one too. The first few chapters are kinda sucky as I am working on another story but I am confident that it will pick up. This takes place in the third book at the Graveyard Gala. I like comments on my stories(hint hint hint). Enjoy chapter 1!

Chapter 1
Raven's Worst Nightmare

~Property of Ellen Schrieber~

Alexander's eyes turned red. "Jagger. You have one second to let her go! Otherwise, it's all over!" Jagger's grip was so hard around my wrist I couldn't move. "It'll feel like a pin prick", he said to me in a seductive voice. He gently stroked my hair away from my shoulders. "No"! I cried. And the world went black.

~Property of Repo-girl~

I woke up in a coffin. Jagger was holding me. He was fast asleep. I tried to move out of his grasp but he was too strong. He suddenly woke up. He looked down at me and smiled. "Good morning Love. Have a good rest"? "I'm not your Love. I'm Alexander's". He scoffed. "Not anymore you're not. You missed the party last night". "I was there". "Oh, not that party. The real party started when everyone thought you were dead. Alexander and Luna knew you weren't, of course but, you should have seen Trevor. He was crying and everything. He practically admitted that he loved you right there in front of the whole school". I gasped. Jagger continued. "And when Luna realized that Trevor liked you, she practically killed him! I laughed so hard! Oh, and poor Alexander. He tried to kill me. Luna stepped in the way,of course. But never mind that now, my love. Our dinner awaits. And he opened the coffin lid and stepped out. He held his hand out for me to grab onto. I took it and he helped me out. I looked around. We were in the apartment that Jagger had taken me to when I came to Hipsterville a few weeks ago. "Luna wanted to give us some time alone so, she went back to Romania last night. It's just you and me"., Jagger said. I just stared at him. He went over to the fridge and took out two steaks. He gave one to me. "Here you are, darling". "Thanks". Jagger bit into his steak and ripped the meat apart. He reminded me of a lion that I saw on a nature program in science one time. He looked up at me and I realized that I was smiling. "What"?, He asked. "Nothing". "Aren't you hungry"? "Yes". "Then, eat Love. We're going to go to Romania shortly and I want you to have some energy". "Fine". I took a bite out of my steak. A small one. It was good. I took another. And another. Until all the steak was gone. I looked up at Jagger. He was smiling now. "What"?, I asked him. "Nothing". We were laughing in a second. Maybe this 'bonded to a guy that I hate for eternity thing' wouldn't turn out so bad after all.

Author's Note:Well, how did the first chapter turn out? There will be darker stuff in the future FYI. And something will happen with Alexander and Raven. Comment! I want to see how I'm doing! :D