3rd Person
Luna gazed up at the stars,she smiled. She heard a noise in the bushes.She turned he head so she could see.Just the wind.She stood up and started walking.It began to rain "Oh crud" she said.She saw a building surrounded by a giant fence."Well rules are meant to be broken" she told herself. She climbed the fence and took shelter under a tree.Soon she was fast asleep.

The Next Morning

When Luna awoke she was laying on a bed and she felt hot.Her throat hurt and she felt tired."Are you awake" said a male voice.She turned her head and saw a boy. He had silver hair and lavender eyes."Where am I" she asked feeling a bit frightened."Cross Academy" he told her. He stood up and she tensed."Don't worry im not gonna hurt you" he told her. "Why should i believe you" she demanded. Zero thought for a minute"because im telling the truth" he said.Luna started to reply but started coughing."Are you alright" the boy asked."Stay away" Luna yelled.The boy picked up some papers beside her bed "looks like you have a cold" he told her. "Great" Luna thought."Where's your family" he asked her. Luna winced."Don't have one".Not that it's any of your business" she told him.The boy stared at her "what's your name" he asked.None of your business" she told her."My name's Zero Kiryu"he told her.Luna rolled her eyes "I didn't ask."

Zero's P.O.V.
This girl said she didn't have a family. It reminded me of what happened to me and MY family."What's your name" I wondered."None of your business" she said. "My name Zero Kiryu" I said. She rolled her eyes "I didn't ask" She told me. What was with this girl ? Suddenly Yuki came in "hey Zero" she said. "Hey Yuki" I said.

3rd Person
"Oh you're awake" Yuki said to Luna.Luna didn't reply. Yuki smiled at her and Luna glared back. Yuki ignored it "I've talked to the Headmaster.He let you join the Day Class" Yuki explained.Luna thought for a minute.Well she didn't have anything better to do. Just then a man walked in wearing glasses Luna assumed he was the Headmaster. "Hello Im Kaien Cross, the Headmaster of Cross Academy."Suddenly he started weeping "im so glad to be getting another daughter" he said. Luna squeezed her fist " I AM NOT YOUR DAUGHTER" she yelled.The headmaster looked at her then looked sad."Can I least call you my daughter" he asked. "NO" Luna said. "Well than will you call me Father" he said sounding pitiful.Luna was losing what little patience she had. "No means no Luna told him as calmly as she could.Zero chuckled making Luna glare at him."Come on i'll show you to your dorm " Yuki said before things could get any worse.Luna hesitated but reluctantly followed.

Later That Night
Tears rolled down Luna's face as she looked at her parents bodies. She was scared.The vampire looked at her pounced. Luna screamed and her heart began to pound. The vampire's teeth was inches from her throat. She looked around for something,anything that could help her escape.She saw a brick,she picked it up and hit the vampire. The vampire yelled but didn't let go. Luna ran causing the vampire to injure her face and eye. She kept running until she was far away.Luna realized she was shaking.She touched her left eye.She had escaped but she would never see out of that eye again.
Suddenly Luna woke up her heart pounding and her face hot. She layed down and cried until she fell asleep.

Yuki's P.OV.
Just as I returned to my dorm I heard someone screaming. Was it the new girl ? Was she having a bad dream ? Was she in trouble? What should i do I wondered. Just then the screaming stopped and crying took its place.After a while everything went quiet.Guess it was nothing.

The Next Morning
Luna came out of her dorm and saw Yuki."Hello" Yuki said."Would you like me to walk to class with you" she asked."Whatever" she said.

"Everyone we have a new student" said the teacher."Why don't you introduce yourself" he told Luna."My name's Luna and that's all you need to know" she said.Luna went and sat by herself.Noone said anything.Her eyes began to feel heavy after awhile.Soon she dozed off.
Luna heard a noise the vampire was coming back.she started to run but fell scraping her knees.She forced herself to stand.

Zero P.O.V

Luna dozed off she looked cute while she was sleeping.Still i wondered if she was ok.Yuki said she thought she heard her scream and then cry last night.Then Luna spoke "no no" she murmured. "Wonder what she's dreaming about" I wondered.

3rd person
The vampire held Luna touching her throat. Luna looked around she was at Cross Academy.She had known this would happen one day. Suddenly she felt the vampire's sharp fangs and screamed in agony.

Zero P.O.V.

Without warning Luna screamed making everyone look. Tears were streaming down her face. She looked around and ran out so I ran after her."Zero" Yuki called but I ignored her.
When I found Luna she was crying."Luna are you alright" I asked. She didn't answer.
However I recognized that face.
Where you want help you're just afraid to ask for it because you don't know who you can trust.Luna was scared.

3rd Person
Luna felt alone but for once she admitted didn't WANT to be alone.She was terrified. Terrified of the world, of her past and of the things she hated the most. Vampires.Thenshe felt arms around her. "Everything's gonna be ok" Zero assured her. Luna had been longing to hear those words for so long.

Few Minutes Later
"Your family was killed by a vampire then" Zero said. Luna nodded sadly. She was beginning to trust Zero though she didn't know why. "Mine too" he told her. "Really" she said. Zero nodded."Guess we're two of a kind" he joked. Luna giggled making Zero smiled."You can laugh" he said playfully. Luna blushed "and you can smile" she said. Now it was Zero's turn to blush."Just Kidding" Luna said. Then Zero did something suprising.He kissed her and Luna felt something she hadn't felt in a long time.

The End