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Article by swedishfella posted over a year ago
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Annabelle and Abby have bean bff`s in 3 month`s now and they were wery happy abaut it,
-Do you wanna come home to me and eat dinner with my family? Abby asked annabelle,
-Yeah, cool, what time?
-why can`t you just come over after school! Abby said
-I just gotta text my mom abaut that!
Annabelle said.

After school annabelle texted her mother!

I`m eating at Abby`s today!
I come home maybe eight ore something.
Don`t wait for me ok!
/ Belle!

After a while annabelle`s mom anwsered.

Belle ! Of course you can eat at abby!
-so.... Abby said,
-Yes, i mean she lett me eat at you!
Article by swedishfella posted over a year ago
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Annabelle where scared, no one had ever loked at her on that way, but at the same time she didn`t want him to stop loking at her, she was in love with him.
She loked at his way, he was still loking, Abby saw it, and started to talk to him, like she knew that annabelle was bugged abaut it.

At english she sat right next to abby, she didnt find it that cool to sit with cloe, she dind`t know that well, "i guess she`s just like her sister" Annabelle thought,
-Did u find it kreepy when he loked at you? abby asked,
-Yes, i mean no,well, i dont know! Annabelle wisperd.

Annabelle has been in the new school now for a while, abby was whery happy that annabelle hasn`t shanged school jet,
-why would i , annabelle said, i love it here!
Abby had something in her hands,
-What is that abby ?, annabelle asked,
-A friendship bracelet, she excplaned,do you want to share it?
-Yes, of course,Annabelle said surprieseid,
Article by swedishfella posted over a year ago
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Annabelle had alec on her mind the rest of the day, she couldn`t bear the delling to sitt with them on lunch, but when she saw them she got so nervous that she trough up.

A few days later Annabelle was wating for the buss again,
-ANNABELLE, abby shouted, she was so happy, your back!!!
-yes, but, where are the others? annabellee wondred,
-oh,I always walk faster then them, abby ecsplained,
Annabelle saw them coming ,
-Here they come, abby said,
- and so does the buss, annabelle said,
-HURRY UP !!! Abby schoted to her siblings.

At the buss abby talked abaut how weired everybody toght she was , all of the others were just sitting there, there eyes loked darker then before, and they had bags under there eyes, Annabelle saw that Alec where loking at her she loked back, he loked at her like she was something to eat, she got nervous and loked another way.