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Everyone had his own body color, wings or horn form. July’s dragon is an albino. He is an ALBINO!!! But he looked a bit cool. The dragons of the teacher’s were much bigger than ours. We can only turn our dragons into their nature form with the help of our family’s protection sing.

The cat (like I said before) was mine. I was in the 1st group so we had to transform them first. We took the small charms out of our pockets and put them some meters away from us. We grabbed the family sings in our right hand, than we took a few steps back and stretched our right arm to the dragons. It always come a bright light out of the sing when we do that. The only different between the lights is the color of it. The color of mine was red, Jackson’s color was dark grey and Laura’s was dark pink. After only a few seconds then we felt the ground shaking a bit and then the small pocket charms shined in the color as our sings had. The dragons began to grow very fast and came to their original form. They were 8 meters tall and 7 meters long.

Like we did it so did the others. The lights of others were so cool so I will tell you what color they have. Blade’s was black, Lucifer’s was poison green, Gustav’s was baby blue, Dementia’s was dark purple, July’s was white, Max’s was orange, Luna’s was yellow, Mitchell’s (<33) was brown, Fester’s was silver, Boris’s was gold, David’s was blood red (like his mom’s) and Eathen’s was lilac. After their turned the whole was full with dragons.

“Now after you’re done with the transform we can begin.” The teacher said.
“What should we do now?” Eathen asked and Dementia looked at him in a way that I see Luna watching David sometimes. It wasn’t the time to think about that so I just didn’t think of it.

“What do you mean by nothing?” Fester asked very fast.
“Your dragons will learn to fly now and you don’t know how to teach them that so our dragons will do that.” The director said nice.
“What should I do now?” July asked arrogant.
“You and the others will go to the library and read a bit about the vampire history.” She said again so nice.

We didn’t say anything and just slowly began to go away. Just I stayed. I hugged my Dia and run away. As I was sitting and reading with Luna and Laura, Mitchell and David went to a corner of the room and began to talk.
“Is something wrong?” Mitchell asked worried.
“With me not, but I think with you.” David said a bit irritated.

“What do you mean?” Mitchell asked very confused
“How do you feel about Alex?” He asked direct.
“What are you talking about?” He didn’t want to say that he likes me.

“Damn, Mitchell, do you like her or not?” He yelled but Mitchel put fast his hand on his mouth.
“Idiot, don’t be so loud.”
“So you do like her.” He moved his hand away and said quite.
“Yes, we are a couple.”
“What?” David asked shocked.

“You heard well. But you can’t tell anyone.” He said and explained everything to him.
“Since when?”
“Since when, what?”
“Since when are you dating?”
“Like 1 day.” Mitchell said naturally.
“Oh ok….I won’t say anyone, anything.”

“Ok…thx, now let’s go. We must read some old books.”
As they sat on their chairs I watched them for a while but then just turned to my book and read some more. When I searched for some interesting books I saw a big red book. It was decorated with golden wavy lines. It had something written on it. It said: “lamia historia liber”. I didn’t know what that means, but I had to read it. Not because my teachers said so.

It was like some power drove me to open it. I slowly reached with my hand the book and pulled it away from the book rack and looked at it for some seconds. I snorted the dust from the book. I looked at it again and walked slowly to the desk. I put the book on it and sat on the chair. I took a deep breath and opened it slowly.

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