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Vampire 30 Day Challenge  SherlockStark 94 7134 2 months ago
College work HELP!  collegework 1 976 3 months ago
What's the 'new vampire' going to be  reformedvampire 0 367 3 months ago
How To Survive Your Death  PeterFulton 1 2260 over a year ago
PASCAL........... A Brand new vampire novel out this month.........  PASCALTHENOVEL 0 1834 over a year ago
Calling all teenage vampire lovers!  corajd 0 2016 over a year ago
I suggest vampire writer Heather Brewer  corajd 0 1225 over a year ago
Vampire on death row  mike202uk 0 1248 over a year ago
Vampires 10in10 {Wall of Fame}  Bibi69 598 12471 over a year ago
10in10 Icontest {CLOSED CONTEST}  Bibi69 2268 60934 over a year ago
Unexpected Love  prounknown 0 901 over a year ago
Make A Vampire Movie  tuir 0 733 over a year ago
Interview with the Vampire  fangirl3 3 913 over a year ago
i think my ex boyfriend is a vampire!  dinosaur1815 1 813 over a year ago
Links  jmatdrama 0 719 over a year ago
Vampires List  Snick 3 1109 over a year ago
Questions for vampire fans & Twilight fans  bendaimmortal 13 1520 over a year ago
{OPEN} Vampires 10in10 Icon Challenge ; Round 3 ; Deadline 9/25  TitanicLeoKate 155 11801 over a year ago
Struggling Vampires  kristiankvam007 0 1506 over a year ago
Buffy Vs. Twilight  warcraftjunkie1 3 1716 over a year ago
wanna roleplay?  vampyrechick 590 25659 over a year ago
Win your signed copy of Black Dawn by Rachel Caine  Zoneoutmode 0 1127 over a year ago
Vampire sex  snickers21 0 1468 over a year ago
The dark side  snickers21 1 990 over a year ago
Hey whts up Fanpopers?Well here is a chance to win 10 props ...  dhaval_rocks 0 1112 over a year ago
Dracula images  graphomet 0 1048 over a year ago
Vampire Icon Contest- - - Round 2: Fangs  MegaraRider 9 1453 over a year ago
Vampire Life  carlie445 1 845 over a year ago
{OPEN} Icon of a movie vampire: Icon Contest #4  CharmedFan4eva_ 24 3908 over a year ago
My book  wolfmaster3000 0 1051 over a year ago
The Odd Chronicles  loorofzadaa 0 922 over a year ago
If you dont think vampires exist, why are you here?  Ashwolf 9 1319 over a year ago
FanMade Story Cover  nevenkastar 32 4135 over a year ago
Twilight question  SweetPea2007 6 814 over a year ago
hunting ( a poem)  gabriela13 1 531 over a year ago
Vampire literature  snickers21 0 557 over a year ago
ANN RICE U.K. VISIT - Who's coming???  annericefan 2 3496 over a year ago
Team Jacob v.s. Team Edward which team is better?  Lycan500 41 4420 over a year ago
What's Your Favorite Vampire Movie?  Snake-Eye 9 1939 over a year ago
a problem with the person i like  Lady-Dark 0 415 over a year ago
People at school think i'm weird  Lady-Dark 0 681 over a year ago
friends think i am weird  uk-sammi25 9 766 over a year ago
I Am Vampire (Poem)  itchygum 4 673 over a year ago
Anti werewolf  Lineth 8 1366 over a year ago
your personality vampire  luvsoccer97 1 681 over a year ago
Vampire Wedding: The Movie  vampirewedding 0 1065 over a year ago
Are Vampire Fans ready for more?  vampwriter 0 615 over a year ago
Tales From The Dark Tower  2bluemoon 0 4002 over a year ago
Lycans and Werewolves Fans ONLY!!!!!!! Vampires Stay OUT!!!!!!  Lycan500 24 3116 over a year ago
Vampiric Things from A to Z  DrDevience 60 3113 over a year ago
What is a vampire? I mean I know what they,they powers and everything.  kalfire1 4 689 over a year ago
Vampire Games  Mukelo 0 656 over a year ago
All Time Favorite Vampire  warcraftjunckie 5 833 over a year ago
People obsessed with Twilight series...  S0ulsUnit3d 31 2731 over a year ago
write a vampire story  hontwilightfan 0 508 over a year ago
vampire loving wife's b-day  boduke 0 405 over a year ago
Vampires Vs. Werewolves  bishopsrowe 1 1222 over a year ago
different types of vampires  carlislesgirl 1 3203 over a year ago
make your own vampire  lovelyblades 0 545 over a year ago
hunting ( a poem)  gabriela13 1 513 over a year ago
Which Vamp Costume Should I Choose?  vampireempire 2 426 over a year ago
AC Ballet Presents DRACULA in NYC  ACBallet 1 690 over a year ago
Vampire Movie Weekend!!!!!  suzette27 0 496 over a year ago
Question, question, question  wolfblade87 14 1463 over a year ago
Listen to me  ilovehinder 116 4539 over a year ago
Gay vampire fan in NYC looking for friends  Jonathan_h 1 1047 over a year ago
Vampires don't sparkle!?!?  emma-janee 35 4565 over a year ago
Comprehensive List of Vampire Books  cressida 24 3530 over a year ago
Please, help me.....  wolfblade87 47 2832 over a year ago
funniest vampire movie?  TheCountess 26 4557 over a year ago
VAMP ICON COMP :)  callejahLUVSed 0 436 over a year ago
what if a Lycan loved you? would you love him back?  Lycan500 15 1104 over a year ago
Vampire Site MUST Have question  vampireempire 4 581 over a year ago
Alter ego vampire  Xierf 0 460 over a year ago
What vampire movies do you think sucked, and not in the good way?  TheCountess 11 527 over a year ago
Should Vampire Kisses should be made into a movie?  Lycan500 1 584 over a year ago
Vampires That REALLY Suck!  mike_ian 3 642 over a year ago
Describe ur vamp!  huugh 1 515 over a year ago
Real Vampires................  MoonlitBelle21 2 652 over a year ago
vampires  lynnae 1 356 over a year ago
What's up with you vampire's fans!  Lycan500 4 685 over a year ago
Vampire Series  maven_x 1 602 over a year ago
Taylor Launter Fans!!!!!  Lycan500 2 1043 over a year ago
If you were pursued by a vampire...  S0ulsUnit3d 20 747 over a year ago
reasons why we can't live without twilight  twilighter-1 15 1527 over a year ago
NEW SPOT!!!  deedeeflower 3 413 over a year ago
Vampire books  tubby2002 11 870 over a year ago
Why are people ignoring Lycans and werewolves?  Lycan500 13 3299 over a year ago
Vampire stories  Xierf 0 306 over a year ago
Dusk the Gothic Saga  maven_x 0 526 over a year ago
Vampire Babies  MurderXRehab 15 5906 over a year ago
Great Show - Exclusive Episodes  fearkane 0 1289 over a year ago
You think you know vamps?  ilovedimka 2 338 over a year ago
Reviews  Myf_1992 0 513 over a year ago
Just Listen!  Lycan500 4 480 over a year ago
Why?  Lycan500 7 272 over a year ago
Vampire Fandom  TheCrow 0 765 over a year ago
What were vamps really created for...  S0ulsUnit3d 0 229 over a year ago
If you could write a book what would it be about?  Lycan500 5 449 over a year ago
i love Vampires  madforstuff 4 302 over a year ago