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Vampire Academy - Last Stand - The Weinstein Company

Vampire Island

The legend of blood sucking vampires has captured peoples' imagination for generations. A crack team of archaeologists and forensic scientists have uncovered hard evidence for the existence of the legend.
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Tribute to Svatba upiru

Fan made tribute to 1993 Czech vampire comedy Svatba upiru AKA The Vampire Wedding.

```The Hymn of Dracula```

A ... :) Tribute to Dracula by me

Interview, Behind The Scenes, Kiss of the Damned (French) 2013, May

Lost Infernal - Reclaiming The Vampire

Art work for the upcoming vampire/hunter series Lost Infernal, set to an awesome soundtrack. WWW.LOSTINFERNAL.COM
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key of awesome vampire spoof!

this one's funny. :)


bad romance spike angel and buffy


Halloween party jam

Vampire theme song slide show