Tales of the Vampire's Crypt of Erie Cemetery

A video blog, two stories of a local grave known as the "Vampire's Crypt" at Erie Cemetery in Erie, Pennsylvania.
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The other story is that a teenage boy was was dared by his friends to go and break into the crypt which they thought he was to chicken to do. He went into the cemetary and pryed the door open as soon as he did he got a whiff of a horrible smell that he couldn't describe and before he could lose his nerve he threw himself over the threshold. On a stone slab inside he saw a rotting wooden coffin with a body inside to prove that he was there he took a ring from the corpse and went home. He showed his friends and even wore it to school the next day to tell his tale to others. he even slept with it on. the next morning his mother came to wake him for school and found that his body was completely drained of blood and his ring finger was ripped off.
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