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King Luan - No Vampires Remain in Romania

Vampires Hunters {Fight to Survive}

Until the Next Bite Lyrics

Vampire Academy - Last Stand - The Weinstein Company

Vampire Island

Tribute to Svatba upiru

```The Hymn of Dracula```

Interview, Behind The Scenes, Kiss of the Damned (French) 2013, May

Lost Infernal - Reclaiming The Vampire

key of awesome vampire spoof!


bad romance spike angel and buffy

Halloween party jam

Animal - Damon/Elena

SPN// Benny ⇒ 「A M A Z I N G」

i just want to keep this dream in me

Love Bites (And So Do I) ~ Halestorm. (*,..,*) Vampire Vid.

Lost Boys: The Thirst Official Trailer

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe 2008 trailer

Fright Night Official Trailer 1985

Official Fright Night 2011 Trailer

Dracula 2000 Trailer


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) Trailer

Queen of the Damned - Official Movie Trailer

Interview with the Vampire - Original Theatrical Trailer

Top 10 Vampire Movies of All Time (Movie Critics)

Hollywood's Top Ten - Top 10 Vampire Movies

Top 10 Vampire movies

Top 10 Vampire movies

Top Ten Vampire movies

Top 10 Vampire Movies Of All Time

Hottest Vampires-Top 10

Top 10 Hottest Vampires Of All Time

The Top 10 Hottest Vampires

Top 15 Favorite Vampires

Top 15 Male vampires

Top 15 Hot Vampire Guys!

Tall, Dark, & Vampire Video Trailer

Top 25 Female Vamps

Top 25 sexy vamps

Buffy & Spike video ''Vanishing''

summer love | the vampire diaries

monster | the vampire diaries

The Vampire Diaries "Damon, I love you" [AU SEASON 4]

Certain As The Moon (Aidan/Josh)

Damon and Elena 4x08 Scenes (tvd)

the vampire scratches the brick wall and then you

the vampire diaries | breath of life

Nosferatu Fan Commentary