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Vampire Academy - Last Stand - The Weinstein Company

Vampire Island

The legend of blood sucking vampires has captured peoples' imagination for generations. A crack team of archaeologists and forensic scientists have uncovered hard evidence for the existence of the legend.

Tribute to Svatba upiru

Fan made tribute to 1993 Czech vampire comedy Svatba upiru AKA The Vampire Wedding.

```The Hymn of Dracula```

A ... :) Tribute to Dracula by me

Interview, Behind The Scenes, Kiss of the Damned (French) 2013, May

Lost Infernal - Reclaiming The Vampire

Art work for the upcoming vampire/hunter series Lost Infernal, set to an awesome soundtrack. WWW.LOSTINFERNAL.COM
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key of awesome vampire spoof!

this one's funny. :)


bad romance spike angel and buffy


Halloween party jam

Vampire theme song slide show