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Chapter 30 – Good Bye


    Katara was on the couch with Aang when Zuko ran into the house, soaking wet. Katara’s eyes went wide as she gasped. Aang’s face was so angry that he looked almost ugly. Aang ran right up to Zuko, nostrils flared.
    “What are you doing here?!” Aang growled.
    Katara got up too and walked at a slow pace toward them.
    “I’ve come to talk to Katara. I’ve realized something important that she needs to know,” Zuko answered in a calm, cool voice.
    “NO! You’re not going anywhere near her! GET OUT!” Aang screamed, his words coming out in uncontrollable snarls that could be compared mostly to a crazed animal. He shoved Zuko.
    “AANG!” Katara scolded. She rushed up to him, grabbed his shoulders and shook him. “Stop this! Stop this right now! Why are you so mad at him?! I know you’re not telling me something.”
    “No, Katara. I won’t ever let you near Zuko again!” Aang shouted at her.
    “Don’t yell at her!” Zuko cut in. He lost the calmness to his voice, and now he was almost as angry as Aang. “I think I know why you’re mad, but you can’t blame her! Blame me! Be mad at me!
    “Oh I already am!” Aang spun to face him, Katara letting him go with his force. “She’s my girlfriend Zuko! MINE! You can’t have her!”
Katara’s eyes went large. Earlier, Aang had said that Toph told him she felt some movements last night that he didn’t like. Azula was in town last night, but that couldn’t be it. Of course it couldn’t.
    There was only one explanation. Toph had felt with the vibrations in the ground that Zuko and Katara had kissed. Instead of keeping it to herself, she went and told Aang. Katara trembled with the feeling of betrayal.
    “No…” She breathed. “No.
    She yelled, “You don’t understand! Last night was not how it seems!”
    Aang turned on her.
    “Then what was it Katara, huh?! Why were you and Zuko kissing?!” Aang spat in her face. Tears gathered in Katara’s eyes.
    Zuko bellowed, “Leave her alone! Last night was because of me! Don’t yell at her!”
    He grabbed Aang’s shoulders and tried to pull them toward him, but he was as still as a statue facing the other way. Aang’s face got even angrier. His nostrils flared again, and his lips curved into a hideous frown.
    “Don’t tell me WHAT TO DO!” Aang roared.
    All of a sudden Aang turned around fast, putting his hands forward. With one lightning-fast motion, he blasted air at Zuko. Zuko flew back and crashed on the wall, which shook the house and made some objects fall. He landed face down on the floor hard.
    Katara screeched, “AANG HOW COULD YOU?!” and slapped him across the face.
    Aang gasped and raised his hand to his now red cheek. His fingers trembled as he traced the spot that she slapped. His face became sad and heartbroken, and tears streamed down his cheeks. Once Katara realized what she done, her eyes went big. She took a step closer to him. “Aang I’m so—”
    “Don’t talk to me Katara,” Aang snapped. He took in a shaky breath and continued in a dangerously low voice, “Just…don’t.”
He ran off to another room. Katara sighed as a couple of tears escaped her eyes. Then she remembered Zuko. She ran to him and helped him stand up.
    “Zuko, I am so sorry. Aang…he—”
“Shh. It’s okay. I deserved that. I knew what would happen if I came here.” Zuko gave her a concerned look.
“Don’t say that! You didn’t deserve that! You’re always welcome here,” Katara said. She placed her hand in a gentle manner on the side of his face, but surprisingly Zuko took it away, though he still held her hand in his.
“Listen, this is not why I came here. I—I figured out something important.” But Zuko fell silent. Tears came to his eyes as he stared down at Katara. He closed his eyes and put Katara’s hand up to his face again. He held it there, caressing the back of her hand against his skin as if this was the last time he’d ever see her.
“Zuko! What’s going on? You’re scaring me,” Katara said, her voice cracking in the end.
Zuko opened his eyes again to see her face. He looked into her light blue eyes, which were full of worry and fear. In her eyes there were tears, which seemed to tremble as though any second they would spill over and stream down her face.
“I feel like…I have so much to tell you,” Zuko started. His voice was low but passionate. “You have…no idea how much you mean to me. I feel like you’re my moon, and I’m your sun. Together, we make everything balanced and complete. We can make things right again as a team…well not this time.”
Zuko let her hand slip little by little, but Katara wouldn’t let him go. She grabbed his clothes tightly.
“What do you mean…not this time?” She demanded.
“She’s here about you. She’s here for us.”
Outside lightning flashed and thunder boomed behind it.
“Is that was this is about?” Katara asked, a bit stunned. “I told you not to worry about her.”
“She’s here for revenge Katara, I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before. Somehow she knows we’re here. I know she’s looking for me, and she’s guessing that where I’m at, you are. So the only way to stop her is if I leave here, and throw her off track. After all, I am one of the people she wants,” Zuko explained. “I don’t know when I’ll be back…so I cam here to say good-bye to you.”
“NO! No, you are not leaving,” Katara protested, gripping his shirt even tighter. “If she’ll find us…if she’ll find me…we’ll fight her together, remember? Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself.”
“I know you can,” Zuko said as he put his hand on her cheek. He gave her a slight half-smile. “You’re a strong woman, and that’s one of the traits I love about you. But…this time I need to fight her on my own. That way, no one else could get hurt, and you guys wouldn’t have to face her. Besides, this time she’s getting personal.”
Katara started to grow upset. “Stop being stubborn! Zuko, c’mon! Please don’t do this!”
At last her tears came from her eyes and down her cheeks. Zuko brushed one of them away with his thumb, and then he took his hand off her face. Katara continued to look up him, still having a tight grip on his clothing with no intention on letting go.
“While I’m gone you can forget about me. Make up with Aang, be happy together. I’ll—I’ll be okay…but I will always love you,” Zuko told her, his voice almost a whisper.
Deep down inside, Katara knew that was a lie. He’ll never be okay.
“Good bye, Katara,” He said. “I’ll always love you.”
Zuko walked backwards, escaping Katara’s grip. Zuko started to walk away, but Katara still stood there, her hands closed into empty fists in front of her as though she were still holding on tight to him. She trembled as she heard the front door close behind him as he walked out. When she heard the sound of the door closing, one more tear escaped her eye. All she could hear was the wind blowing outside, the rain tapping on the sidewalk, the thunder booming…and Zuko’s footsteps as he continued to walk away. Each sound his shoe created from splashing in the puddles sent a sharp pain through Katara’s body.
He was not turning back.
She may never see him again.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Katara couldn’t take it anymore. Without a second thought she ran to the doorway and shoved open the door as fast as she could. She stared out into the pouring rain and found Zuko not too far from where she was.
“ZUKO!” She cried out to him.
He stopped walking and turned around. Even from far away Katara could tell that he was shocked.
“Wait,” Katara squeaked, too low for Zuko to hear, but in her ears the words were loud.
She started to run toward him. Right away she was soaked with water, and the rain mixed with her tears clouded her vision.
That didn’t stop her.
To her, she ran for what seemed like forever, like the world was slowing down around her and Zuko. It was as hard as running through high, muddy water.
Though when she got to him, she jumped in his arms and he held her up. She wrapped her hands around Zuko’s head, getting her fingers tangled in his wet hair. Then she kissed him passionately on his lips. They kissed like they never kissed before, and Katara was in her own personal heaven. She felt like it wasn’t raining at all. It was like the sun had come out and shined down on them. In Zuko’s arms she felt comfortable and safe, as though all her worries and fears were nothing more than just distant memories.
Their lips moved together passionately and deeply; and they were too into it to come up for air. Katara wondered what Zuko thought this kiss meant. For to her, it was more than just a good-bye kiss.
When they separated, Katara’s sunny day was gone. The gray clouds came back in and the rain washed over her along with all her troubles and concerns.
Katara stared into Zuko’s beautiful golden eyes for a few more seconds. It wasn’t long until she tore from his gaze and sprinted back into the house, not looking back.
Zuko and Katara