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chels125843 posted on Jan 24, 2009 at 03:33PM
okay so I was just wondering what song that was in veronica mars that you love, remember the scene and find mostly an "epic" choice of music.

ill give you mine:

- sway (the perishers) LoVe Dancing <33
- momentary thing (something happens) LoVe first kiss !
- it never rains in southern california (albert hammond) the LAST scene ever!!! :( <3
- i hear the bells (mike doughty) "i thought our story was epic" <33

i know this is a stupid idea but wtv :)

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over a year ago Anyanka said…
Alright, so you completely stole all of mine. I suppose those are fundamentally the best LoVe moments, so I don't blame you.
Here are some of my second choices:

Neko Case- Hold on, Hold on
(Episode 3-3: "Wichita Linebacker", Keith tells Veronica about the problem with Weevil.

Fatboy Slim- Right Here, Right Now
(Episode 3-9: "Spit And Eggs", Piz & Mac at the Pi Sig party; Veronica flees)

Garbage- Bad Boyfriend
(Episode 1-22: "Leave It To Beaver", playing when Logan on the bridge as Weevil and his gang drive up)

The Hives- Walk Idiot, Walk
(Episode 2-9: "My Mother, The Fiend", played during Logan and Weevil's fight in the bathroom)
over a year ago chels125843 said…
big smile
haha well they are epic :) i was gonna put right here, right now too! ;P good songs!

Art (louque)
- After Veronica and troy's date, and Veronica arrives home to find her Keith sitting on the couch.

Fidelity (Regina Spektor)
- Logan goes to see Veronica at the help desk in the library <3

Adelaide (Old 97's)
- Donut Run: last scene in the episode where duncans gone with his baby and Veronica puts the fortune from the fortune cookie duncan gave her on her mirror.

Breathe Me (Sia)
- I Am God: Logan & Veronica think back on themselves making out in logan's car & Veronica wonders if there was a point to that story ;P

just some more i remember :)