Veronica Mars Top Ten Characters

spikes_girl posted on May 30, 2009 at 04:31AM
Who are your top ten Veronica Mars characters? Mine are...

1. Logan (I'm a hopeless fan girl)
2. Veronica
3. Keith
4. Wallace
5. Mac
6. Weevil
7. Dick
8. Trina
9. Jackie
10. Cliff

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over a year ago brittlegirl94 said…
big smile
Cool Topic!

1. Veronica
2. Piz
3. Duncan
4. Keith
5. Wallace
6. Mac
7. Weevil
8. Meg (I always liked her)
9. Dick
10. Leo

I also like Lilly, Cliff and Vinnie, but only so much. And I don't dislike Logan, I just never really got past all the crap he did to Veronica though the years, I'm a big Piz and Duncan fan.
over a year ago DarkSarcasm said…
HOW have I not filled this out yet? *facekeyboard*

1. Weevil
2. Mac
3. Dick
4. Cassidy
5. Veronica
6. Sheriff Lamb
7. Logan
8. Keith
9. Wallace
10. Cliff

I also liked Tim Foyle & Max... the angry feminists in S3 were funny, too. I'm hating Piz less each time I watch the last season, but he hasn't made it to the top 10 yet. =P
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over a year ago VMars4ever said…
1. Veronica
2. Wallace
3. Lilly
4. Logan
5. Keith
6. Cassidy
7. Weevil
8. Cliff
9. Sheriff Lamb
10. Vinnie

Hate Piz - the character not the actor, don't mind Duncan, like Meg and Mac too, just not top ten. Dick I like too, just not in all the episodes he's in.
over a year ago Rohini101 said…
1. Logan
2. Veronica
3. Wallace
4. Mac
5. Weevil
6. Keith
7. Lilly
8. Meg
9. Cliff
10. Dick

I also like Leo. I hate Madison, Piz, Duncun and Parker.

over a year ago Emmanouela96 said…
1. Logan (hopeless fan girl here too!)
2. Veronica
3. Keith
4. Wallace
5. Weevil
6. Piz
7. Duncan
8. Mac
9. Dick
10. Lilly