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ahastie7 posted on Feb 28, 2007 at 03:00PM
I'm curious to hear how many of you think VM has a good chance to get renewed for a fourth season. I realized that last night's episode (Papa's Cabin) was the last new ep we'll get for 8 weeks, and then, when it does return, we're only getting 5 more this season. I HATE to think that this will be the end for such an incredible show. There are still mysteries to be solved and relationships to be explored/expanded upon (and I don't just mean sexual relationships). At the same time, I honestly don't think the CW is going to keep standing by the show for much longer. That makes me sad.

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over a year ago bealoser said…
I'm really pessimistic simply because the CW has not been the firmest believer in VMars this season. I think when the network transfer happened, a lot of the key elements the show had when it was on UPN got lost when all of a sudden, RT had to cater to a whole new audience pool. I feel like the show isn't what it used to be and for me, that's not a good sign. And there's been so many mixed reactions to the show's progress this year - which is mirrored in RT's decision to play around with the show's mystery arcs, and the decision to fire Muhney, etc., that it just *feels* like a show in trouble.

I *hope* it gets a fourth season but I'm really skeptical about it. And even if there will be a fourth, I don't think it'll be a promising one.
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over a year ago cressida said…
I heard through the grapvine that this season's finale will NOT be a series finale, which gives me hope.

But then, I too have some growing issues with the show: VM is losing its edge! There aren't any semi-bad guys for Veronica to battle with: no Aaron Echolls or Kendall, both Logan and Weevil have gone soft by turning into always good guys, and now Lamb is gone. All we've got left is Madison, which just makes Veronica and the show look petty. A show/movie is only as good and interesting as its villian (originally used to describe Hitchcock's works) and I think it applies esp. well here. VM needs to restock its supply of bad guys and general meanies!
over a year ago ahastie7 said…
That's a really good point, cressida, and I agree. Since my original posting, I've heard that Season 4 will go one of two ways: Either not at all, or fast-forwarded 4 years to find Veronica a young agent in the FBI. If the CW decides to go that route (and I'm hoping they do), then I'm hopeful that we can get some of the "bad guy" mystery back. I'm pretty wary of stunts like this, but in VM's case, I think it could work. That would put the character Veronica about the same age as the actress who plays her, and it seems like it could be a natural transition. The FBI is obviously the path she's headed down anyway. My only real problem with this decision is that in order to make it believable, I think they'd have to get rid of most of the cast, which is a shame, since V's interpersonal relationships is a big part of what makes the show so fantastic.
over a year ago cressida said…
Thanks ahastie7.
My problem with the hypothecized season 4 now is that then ALL of the cast besides Veronica is gone (or so I've heard/read). No more Wallace, no more Mac, no more Weevil, no more "who's your daddy?" Keith Mars! I guess I can accept the lesser of two evils...but must I?
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