Veronica Mars Favorite Quote from VM?

Pick one:
"Who's your daddy?"
"I thought our story was epic [...] lives ruined, blood shed, epic."
(reading) "Veronica Mars is smarter than me."
"Hey, can Dick and Beaver come out to play?"
"Hey! Earth to Mars!"
"I'm so impressed you fit a pony into my room!" (or any of the pony quotes)
"Honey, why is there a gun in the freezer?"
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"If you're not gonna shoo it out with a newspaper, I'm stepping on it."
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"Hey gang, what's the word? Is it 'avuncular'? ...No? Just a shot in the dark..."
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"Hmm Maybe I should consider a career as a neptune trophie wife"
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If I die will you go on Oprah and tell the world I...
If I die will you go on Oprah and tell the world I loved kittens?
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She wouldn't know Monet's Water Lilies unless Revlon named a nail polish after it
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If you're asking me to prom again, the answer's still "no." (logan to weevil)
You think you can just wiggle your finger and Dick will come!
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We used to be friends...a long time ago. (Veronica about her friend Yolanda)
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"Mr. Echolls, can I have a word?" "Anthropomorphic. All yours, big guy"
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Yo papa, I ain't nobody's bitch...
Your trellis is a whore.
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Renting a car is a basic human need. Like eating or sleeping or trying on shoes.
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...pack of you white boys, huh, on some clean, well-lit street? I could be ...
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"A girl, a teenager and a private detective. I'm a triple threat. Barely fits on
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