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FanCris posted on Dec 06, 2011 at 04:04AM
I feel like I'm miss the "old" Victoria "generation" (A Thousand Miles, Spectacular!, Make It Shine, You're the Reason and Finally Falling) I mean, the new "generation" is awesome and I love it! but I kinda miss that "older generation-voice", mostly Spectacular!... that generation was SO beautiful: I miss that... so I have to accustom to the new Victoria (I think that it begins in Tell Me That You Love Me)
The older voice was really beautiful, talented, and gives me very pretty feelings, and the newer is mature, talented and profesional, and gives me seriously atracttion to her...
So... what do u think?
Wich Victoria's times do you prefer? "older" or "newer"?

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over a year ago SueLuvsVJ101 said…
I don't give a crap. As long as it's Victoria I love it.
over a year ago FanCris said…
Yeah, ok... right, she still be the same, both ways: AMAZING VOICE!
I think I'm obsessively in love with her XD
Anyway, thanks for the attention and answer n_n
Also thanks, I learn how to say "Me importa un/una ***" in english xd