Just curious if anyone else was let down by the new Victorious. Not only did it have surprisingly littl Jade for an episode with her name in the title. (Though the parts she did do were AMAZING). But am I the only one that feels the writers kind of pooped out on the plot? I mean it could have been REALLY cool. Jade and Beck could have found out, maybe Beck would get jealous (something I think should happen to him since he makes Jade jealous on purpose) even a small argument or talk about feelings. We didn't get that though. All we got was Jade singing (gosh I love Liz's voice!) Andre' making faces at her, then going to Tori and Jade and Beck poof from the episode for the most part. To make matters worse dispite Jade showing her soft side and proof that when you're one on one with her and she likes you, Tori insults her a crap load. I understand it was to make Andre forget about her (MAYBE, I'm pretty sure Tori thinks those things for real) but then Andre who suddenly 'loves' Jade doesn't even stand up for her!!! What the crap?! I LOVED Tori's parts with Robbie esspecially with the cut outs and Cat xD but if they felt so pressed for time I feel like they should have focused more on the plot instead of rushing it to shove in a sub plot. It wasn't like Tori wouldn't be in the episode just as much if they left that out. *sigh* The worst part of it was the end. Not only did Andre never tell Jade OR his BEST FRIEND Beck what was going on, he sings the song and POOF up pops a girl. A girl that is mildly pretty but no where NEAR as beautiful as Jade and he goes right after her. Using the song he wrote for JADE to impress her. I love you Andre but that was a dick move.

UGH I'm just frusterated. Anybody else? I did love the episode I just got really hiped up over it and was let down so I needed a little vent. And btw I think that Jade/Andre' are not a good couple at all. Tori had a round about point when she said "You forgot Jade is a mean, vicious person, with deep psychological problems" even though she could have been nicer about it by far (I just went over this XD) Andre has way to big of a moral standard and gets scared AND backs down far too easily to ever get along with Jade in a relationship without her taking advantage of him.

Oh well, there is always the future. BTW not to sound creepy but I loved Liz's parts she did have and Tori's impression of her was nasily... but she had the dialog right. I'm not trying to hate on anyone by writing this, I just had to get what I thought out. Love Victorious, Dan, ALL of the actors and actresses (Even if I'm partial to Avan, Liz, and Arianna). What about everyone else? How did you think it went?