Victorious Kiss, Kill, Marry Game :)

el0508 posted on May 26, 2012 at 04:14PM
You know how it works.
I'll start :
Tori, Beck, Robbie

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over a year ago emilyebriection said…
Kiss Tori, marry Beck, kill Robbie

over a year ago MJsValentine said…
Um you didn't leave any names for the next person :O
Next: Sinjin, Sikowitz and Andre's grandmother.
over a year ago LLCoyote said…
I actually DON'T know how it works, but I'm going to give this a shot.

Kiss Sikowitz (for once being old pays off that isn't totally creepy.) Kill Andre's Grandma (cruel but I figure she's nearly there anyway) and Marry Sinjin (I'll just cheat on him with a woman xD)

Alright I guess I leave names now?
Next: Jade, Burf, Helen.
(What the hell I gave it a shot)
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over a year ago Element667 said…
big smile
Kiss-Jade Marry-Burf Kill- Helen
Next -Beck Andre Cat
over a year ago Ssammoh said…
Kiss - Cat
Marry - Beck
Kill - Andre


Next - Tori, Jade, Cat
over a year ago Clara_Valentina said…
Kiss Cat, Marry Jade!!... kill Tori

Next: Trina, Sinjin, Burf
over a year ago quinn_santana said…
Kiss Trina, Marry Sinjin, Kill Burt (atctually I like all of them)

Next: Beck, Cat, Andre
over a year ago Clara_Valentina said…
Kiss Cat, Marry Andre, Kill Beck!!! LOL

Next: Jade, Robbie, Trina
over a year ago LLCoyote said…
Kiss Trina (yes please XD) Marry Jade... duh, and kill Robbie

sorry Robbie, I really liked you.

Ummm ok let's do Corny Van Cleef, Cat, and Andre
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over a year ago Clara_Valentina said…
Kiss Courtney, Marry Andre... and kill... Cat... wait nooo!!! idk

Next: Hope Quincy, Tori and Shawn (Becker)
over a year ago Roberto28_1 said…
Kiss Hope, Marry Shawn, KILL TORI!!!!!!

Next: Dale, Andre, Cat
over a year ago blondedoll said…
Kiss Jade. Marry Beck KILL tori
over a year ago Clara_Valentina said…
Kiss Cat, Marry Andre, kill Dale

Next: Robbie, Andre, Sinjin
over a year ago quinn_santana said…
Kiss Andre, Marry Robbie, Kill Sinjin

Next: Jade, Sikowitz, Beck
over a year ago Clara_Valentina said…
Kiss Sikowitz, Marry Jade and Kill Beck!!!!

Next: Cat, Helen, Lane
over a year ago LLCoyote said…
Lol love those choices. Marry Cat <3, Kiss Helen (Don't judge me), and kill Lane.

Next: Andre, Burf, Robbie
over a year ago Clara_Valentina said…
Kiss Andre, Marry Robbie, Kill Burf (I still like him)

Next: Tori, Trina, Tara
over a year ago brileyforever77 said…
Kiss: Tara
Marry: Tori
Kill: Trina

Cat, Beck, Tori

over a year ago Clara_Valentina said…
Kiss: ............. Uh Tori :/
Marry: Cat
Kill: Beck!!!!

Next: Sikowitz, Robbie, Jade
over a year ago quinn_santana said…
Kiss: Jade
Marry: Robbie
Kill: Sikowitz :/

Shawn, Trina, Sinjin
11 months ago kingtriton said…
Kiss shawn
Marry sinjin
Kill Trina
The annoying bitch
Tori Andre and Trina

9 months ago brileyforever77 said…
Kiss: Andre
Marry: Tori
Kill: Trina

Robbie, Cat, Jade
9 months ago angelbloom19 said…
8 months ago Sassl said…

Kiss: Jade
Marry: Cat
Kill: Robbie (sry :D)

Tori' Mother
Andre' Grandmother
Cat's Brother
5 months ago Rebekah_Mik said…
Kiss: Tori's Mother
Marry: Cat's Brother
Kill: Andre's Grandmother

Cat, Jade, Andre