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EgoMouse said …
If anybody is getting Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Nintendo Switch, DM me and we can add each other. I already have friends that are getting the game, but hey, can't hurt to have even more friends to play with xD Posted 1 month ago
EgoMouse commented…
....I'm not a pro. So, hopefully you get some challenge off me xD 1 month ago
legend_of_roxas said …
That awkward moment when your parent gets you a game you already have... Posted 3 months ago
ParagonDiamond commented…
Which isn't so bad, actually. You could trade it in for another one 2 months ago
vegeta007 said …
Place is mad dead yo Posted 4 months ago
EgoMouse commented…
We're too busy playing games, clearly :v 3 months ago
Zeppie commented…
So dead it took me a month to see this :v 3 months ago
legend_of_roxas commented…
Well then some of us should try to get it up and running again! 3 months ago