Tekken 6 psp
Hi, Whats up guys, here I am gonna tell you which game is better and worth taking, I am gonna compare Tekken 6 for sony psp with Tekken 3d prime edition for nintendo 3ds. As i am a huge tekken fan and i have played each and every game of tekken, i will give you a good review.
So lets start with the Tekken 6 on psp, this is one of my favourite games on psp. Tekken 6 has the best graphics on psp, the best a sony psp can do. This game Includes a story mode,arcade mode,ghost battle as standard game modes plus extra mini game called gold rush and challanges like time attake,survival. You can also play ad hoc mode by bringing another psp near to yours and you can also share,receive and download ghost datas. This game also incudes many stages and all the walls of stages are breakable. This game will let you watch super high defination endings,openings and smooth gameplay plus extremely nice and clear control. This game is must buy for tekken fans and all other fighting games fans. You can customize your character as you want, the soundtracks are also awesome.
Now lets give this game a overall ratting.






Now lets come toward Tekken 3d prime edition.
This is also known as the tekken tag tournament 2 edition for nintendo 3ds.
Tthe graphics are simple better than tekken 6 on psp. This game includes many stages as teken tag 2 but unfortunately only two of them are breakable. The game lacks the standard gamemodes, it contains a few mini games that are awesome designed but this game is not the real tekken gaming fun because alot of fans are really disapointed by the actual gameplay of this game, you almost cannot master in this game by nintendo 3ds controllers. This game is not as confortable as tekken 6 on psp, so you should think again and again before buying this game.

Now lets give a overall rating to this game.






As the result guys i think Tekken 6 for psp is simply better than Tekken 3d prime edition for nintendo 3ds. What do you think?
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Tekken 6 psp Screenshots
Tekken 3D prime edition
Tekken 3d prime edition screenshots