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Nintendo Switch Rally – Episode 3: And the Winner is…

Kamiko - 40 Minute Playthrough [Switch]

Hardcore Gaming Classed An Official Health Disorder Due To Asian Pressure

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe New Battle Modes – Nintendo Minute Live from PAX East

Nintendo is Doubling Switch Production After Sales Success According to WSJ

Nintendo Switch Rally – Episode 2: Up in ARMS!

The 8 Most Unethical Ways to Make a Super Soldier

Are the Nintendo Switch's Pointer Controls On Point? We Compare to the Wii!

#5 Your Advice to Nintendo regarding the switch (feat. The YouTube Gaming Community)

BEST OF Game Grumps - 2016!

Switch Rally – Episode 1: The Legend of Milking

#4 The Wii U: Is it still worth getting? (feat. The YouTube Gaming Community)

7 Times You Won by Throwing Money at Your Problems

#3, The Wii U: The worst games! (feat. The YouTube Gaming Community)

Study Shows Violent Games DO NOT Cause Less Empathy

Random Nintendo Switch Framerate Drops Possibly Due to Wi-Fi Connections

Nintendo Switch in Unexpected Places


China Has Just Banned ALL New Games From Korea

#2, The Wii U: Greatest Games? (feat. The YouTube Gaming Community)

Seemingly Innocent Games That Are Actually Messed Up

Top 15 Choice Driven Games That Have Impactful Consequences

15 Video Game Endings That Teased Sequels Which Never Happened

Nintendo Switch - One week!

7 Unsolved Mysteries That Keep You Awake at Night: Commenter Edition

Mixed Reality VR: Let's Play Job Simulator and Shoot Zombies in Mixed VR - OXTRA VS THE REAL WORLD

Handle With Care & I Am Bread - Play Pals


Reggie Talks Nintendo Switch Sales Success, Cloud Save Potential, & More in Facebook Interview

7 Achievements That Took Some Serious Planning

How Farmers Are Fighting For Gamer Rights | Feature Creep By Tarmack

7 Minions You Found Too Adorable to Murder, Almost: Commenter Edition

Switch & Zelda Set Sales Records in Europe Too!

Nintendo Switch Sales for Japan & UK Revealed

USB Keyboards Work with Nintendo Switch!

VR Gaming May Face Restrictions In The Future

All Japanese Switch Games With English Language Options

Link VS Meta Knight (Legend of Zelda VS Kirby) | DBX

Top 5 Hidden Pi**ed Off Programmer Rants (USA edition) | Fact Hunt

Violent Video Games Do NOT Equal Violent Countries

Nintendo Switch eShop: How To Get Games From Other Regions

10 Video Games That Censored Racist Characters

#1, The Wii U: Where Did Nintendo Go Wrong? (feat. The YouTube Gaming Community)

Secret Message Discovered on Every Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Classification Office Talks About Banned Games

How to Redeem My Nintendo Gold Points on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch - Taking Screenshots

Nintendo Switch - Play at Home or On the Go Trailer

Nintendo Switch - HOME Menu

John Cena Plays Nintendo Switch in Unexpected Places - Switch & Play

Lord Fortescue Plays...Breath of the Wild!

Short Videos Tease New Horror Game from Nippon Ichi Software

Game Theory: Nintendo’s SECRET PLAN for the SWITCH!

Nintendo Switch - How to Attach & Detach Joy-Con Trailer

7 Fan Theories So Mind-Blowing We Hope They're True

February 2017 Twitch Compilation [2/2]

How to Access the Nintendo Switch's Region-Free eShop

Top 10 Knights in Gaming

Nintendo Switch Day 1 Update is Out! eShop & Friend List Tour (Version 2.0)

Nintendo Switch – News & eShop

Nintendo Switch Extended Thoughts

Outside Xtra

Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase

GOG Interviews XSEED About Surprising Hot Springs & More

Game Over

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Game Over

Nintendo Switch First Time Use

We Played More Upcoming Switch Games! Hands-on Discussion (Nintendo Switch Preview Tour)

Game Over (by Terkoiz)


4 Sequels We NEED for the Nintendo Switch!

5 Things You May Not Know About Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Minute

Competition And Innovation In PC Gaming | Feature Creep By Tarmack

Nintendo Switch Unboxing - Switch Review, Pro Controller, and SO MANY Amiibos!!

Nintendo Announces NO Virtual Console at Switch Launch; Shovel Knight & Fast RMX are Launch Titles

7 Physically Implausible Things You Do All the Time as a Game Hero

How Small is the Nintendo Switch? Tons of Size Comparisons! (Wii U GamePad, 3DS, NES, & More!)

Can the Nintendo Switch Fit in Your Pocket? Super Scientific Test!

Nintendo Switch UNBOXING - We Finally Open It! (+ Accessories)

Extreme Nintendo Switch Battery Test! Zelda: BotW on MAX Settings

Nintendo Switch UI & Operating System Tour

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness - Nuzlocke part 89

Nintendo Switch Unboxing – Nintendo Minute

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness - Nuzlocke part 88

8 Things Your Weird Videogame Eyes Reveal About You

File Sizes Revealed for 7 More Nintendo Switch Games!

We Have the Nintendo Switch! Unboxing the Box It Came in + Switch Accessories, Zelda, & amiibo

Hear the Satisfying Sound the Switch Plays when Connecting a Joy-Con

Obscure Gaming: Bootleg Power Rangers Games

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness - Nuzlocke part 87

Greninja VS Espio (Pokemon VS Sonic the Hedgehog) | DBX

One Minute Melee S4 EP11 - Ibuki vs Valentine (Street Fighter vs Skullgirls)

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness - Nuzlocke part 86

Switch eShop Purchases Finally Tied to Nintendo Account

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness - Nuzlocke part 85

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness - Nuzlocke part 84

Nintendo Switch – Switch and Play NYC Preview Tour