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Yogscast Best Bits - 9th August 2014

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

Countdown - Top 5 Community Hunter Videos

by Rooster Teeth

Screwin' Around with TMNT Games!

by ScrewAttack!

Japanese Shoot 'Em Ups - JonTron

by JonTronShow

VIRTUAL REALITY ZELDA - The Childhood Feels...

by PewDiePie

Excellent Games That Don't Exist - The Final Boss

by That One Video Gamer

SideScrollers - "High and Tight"

by ScrewAttack!

Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #41

by LetsPlay

"TMNT Throwdown" - SideScrollers

by ScrewAttack!

Silent Hill Trailer (Playstation 4 2015) Hideo Kojima

Credit for the video goes to Beastgaming from YouTube! ~~~~ I WANT TO PLAY THIS NOW!!